Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Timeline to War Update

Once again, an update to my labor of love….

This update includes relevant dates from the book “A Peace to End All Peace,” by David Fromkin; “The Good War that Wasn’t,” by Ted Grimsrud; “The Lost History of 1914,” Jack Beatty.  The new items are in red. 


  1. And here I thought there were no more presents to open. :)

  2. "Henriette Caillaux shoots Gaston Calmette, editor of Le Figaro, ultimately costing her husband Joseph the position of France’s premier. Joseph was likely to diffuse any crisis with Germany and also was not in favor of alliance with Russia."

    The single actors on a grand stage... what important roles they have played.

  3. What a great compilation !!!!!!Thanks

    Owyhee Cowboy