Friday, December 2, 2016

He Has Learned Nothing and Forgotten Nothing*

This last election offered a great lesson – in both party primaries and certainly for the Libertarian Party.

What won?  Different.  What lost?  The same.

In the Republican primaries, there is no doubt that different won.  Out of seventeen (or however many initial) candidates, only one sounded different.  He won.

On the Democratic side, different made a big dent, and there is much to suggest that he might have won had not the entire democratic establishment and press conspired against him.

For the Libertarian Party, merging some of the best and worst of the Republicans and Democrats only offered…more of the same.

What is my point?

When he first came on the stage, many thought Rand Paul would be that different candidate.  By the time he was on the first presidential debate stage, it was clear to most but the most ardent Rand supporters that this was not the case.

What does this have to do with the great line that Telleyrand did not originate?

Today the US Senate voted 99-0 — unanimously — to continue the idiotic, counterproductive, economically-disastrous, and anachronistic sanctions regime against an Iranian government that has proven willing to do business with the United States.

One senator did not vote: Bernie Sanders – different at a time when different wins.  Not voting is not really great, but at least different.



  1. Just when I think that Rand is getting a clue...
    So what's the deal with Iran anyhow? Why the hysteria? Did I miss something? (other than the fact that the Israelis consider them competitors).

    1. Yeah, I think it's mostly Israel's stranglehold on D.C., and their fervent desire to hold onto nuclear hegemony within the region.

      It kind of reminds me of when Churchill set up shop within the beltway (and Hollywood) in the early 20th century to ensure help in the wars. The British operated a massive spy network, along with collaborative efforts to crank out pro-British films. (The Germans also tried to establish control of narratives, but Britain was far more successful.) The politicians of the day were very wary of going against Mother England.

      "England! My England! Can the surging sea
      That lies between us tear my heart from thee?
      Can distant birth and distant dwelling drain
      Th’ ancestral blood that warms the loyal vein?" - H.P. Lovecraft

  2. I guess the days when Rand personally stopped a war in Georgia against the most crazy War Hawks in the Republican Party like McCain are gone and now the Great First Term Senator from Kentucky is just another Republican. Bummer.

    If the silence you are hearing is Rand's press conference correcting basically the entirety of Washington DC that they can not just turn the internet off for web sites they don't like. Another bummer.