Friday, December 9, 2016

Little Tidbits

A few things I find…curious….

American Communist Party

Why are democrats for Russia when it is communist and against Russia when it isn’t?  I understand this isn’t absolutely always the case…but still… During communism FDR loved Uncle Joe.  After communism Bill Clinton expanded NATO to the east, Obama went to Ukraine and challenged Russia in Syria, Hillary demonized Russia and went full-blown McCarthy.


A Vote For Trump: Was it a Vote Against the Establishment?

Who knows?  What is clear is that for many Trump voters, they believe it to be true.

So, what’s the worst that can happen?  Trump supporters were right.  Sounds, perhaps, counterintuitive…but if Trump actually is anti-establishment he will work for anti-establishment things and continue to receive the support of the “deplorables.”  Not a terrible outcome, but not the best outcome.  Why? This way Trump improves faith in the office; he makes way for an even more forceful leader to follow him.

The best outcome?  When push comes to shove on the economy or foreign policy, Trump does all the same crony stuff: support the banks, start new wars, etc.  Trump will offer a good dousing on the shrinking pool of those who believe elections matter.

Trump is Bad, But Clinton Would Have Been Worse

Many, including me, believe this to be true.  We could be right…we could be wrong.  We will not have any way to know for sure.

My litmus test is war with Russia.  I believe Clinton would have kept pushing the US closer to war with Russia.  I might be wrong, but I highly doubt it.  Given this…if we don’t have nuclear war with Russia during Trump’s term, I will claim to have been right.

And if we do have nuclear war with Russia during Trump’s term…well, no one will be able to say “bionic, I told you so.”  So, I have made a pretty safe call on this one.

Recounts and Elector Revolts

Wouldn’t it be something if, one way or another, Trump doesn’t get sworn in on January 20?  The fallout would be even more severe than if Trump gets in and turns out to be as crony as every president before him

Juicy.  Something to savor.


  1. "And if we do have nuclear war with Russia during Trump’s term…well, no one will be able to say “bionic, I told you so.” So, I have made a pretty safe call on this one."


    As he approached the gallows, Thomas More asked the executioner, “Could you help me up. I’ll be able to get down by myself.” On his deathbed, the story goes, Oscar Wilde said: “This wallpaper is atrocious. One of us has to go.”


    I will seek you out in heaven and tell you. :P

  2. BTW, I will be the pot, you kettle.

  3. Re: Was a vote for Trump a vote against the establishment?

    Simply put, no. If he truly was anti-establishment, Trump would have been treated like Ron Paul.

    1. Yep!
      Makes Rand's sell-out even more disappointing.

    2. Trump was treated much worse than Ron Paul, and I followed both of RP's campaigns and was furious about the treatment at the time. But the way Trump was treated was something else. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

    3. Really Matt?

      And then there's this:

      Don't recall these things happening to Trump and in my mind these examples are far more egregious and vicious than what Trump endured.

      To be perfectly honest though, it's not surprising that Dr. Paul was treated so disgracefully; he was the freedom and anti-establishment candidate. TPTB know they can work with Trump.

  4. Bionic we still haven't covered how pure Communist Soviet Russia was in regards to who was behind the scenes, native oligarchs or the Euro/US-Anglo flavor which seems to be the most aggressive and we'll financed - sophisticated at the time. Basically I'm sure you've read the narrative of the Western financing of the overthrow of the was all along the Powers that be needed a Philosophy to supplant the relatively new road of economic freedom folks in the West. Meaning as Gary Allen states Communism was a new tool the state privileged classes (not just wealthy) to counter economic freedom and have control over the masses with Communism's divided and material philosophy? And Russia was a test-bed for this new control. The Marxian philosophy in and of itself is wicked...but ultimately it is gold for those seeking the continued Neo Mercantilistic or State Privileged few that didn't want to see a Commercial Challenge to their monopoly?

    A lot of stuff jumbling around in my your questioning the schizophrenic nature of the Dems and Mother Russia.

    Thanks again for your insight.

    1. I recall briefly touching on this once, but never going further into it.

      It seems clear that the desired path continues - call it communism or socialism, they are after herding us into a figurative pen.