Tuesday, December 19, 2023

A New Blog


I have decided to start a new blog (and still will continue with this one).  The most immediate reason is that the workings of blogger by google continue to be unstable, and I am tired of trying to find solutions to these irregularly occurring but annoying issues. 

As you should be able to tell: I work alone – no editor and no technical support.  I want to focus on writing and engaging with you.  Blogger makes this quite difficult at times.  The most current issues: it seems neither method of following this blog is working consistently.  Perhaps it is just me, but I am not receiving notifications from either method of following the blog.

The new blog will focus on and is titled My Christian Journey.  I will post items specific to this – continuing with the Sermon on the Mount, The Reformation as Renewal, etc.  If you are interested in continuing on this road with me, head over to the new blog and subscribe.  I think there is a way I can export the current mailing list to the new blog; however, I am choosing not to do this for two reasons:

·         I don’t want to assume everyone here wants to subscribe to the new blog

·         I don’t want to spend more time trying to figure out how to do this.

I will continue to post at this site – bionic mosquito – for items outside of or very tangential to the subject of this journey.