Thursday, December 7, 2023

Only Words Can Hurt


My sticks and stones can never hurt you, but your calling me names hurts me.

Apparently calling for genocide when one has no means of carrying it out is a problem, but perpetrating genocide without saying the word directly is A-OK.

New York CNN  — The presidents of Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania faced intense scrutiny on Wednesday from business leaders, donors and politicians following their testimony at a House hearing on antisemitism on campus and calls for genocide in Israel.

The criticism focused on the university leaders’ answers to questions on Tuesday about whether calling for the genocide of Jews violates their respective school’s code of conduct on bullying or harassment.

None of the school leaders explicitly said that calling for the genocide of Jews would necessarily violate their code of conduct. Instead, they explained it would depend on the circumstances and conduct.

Now, so I am not misunderstood.  I do not support calling for genocide, even if one does not have the means to perpetrate the act.  Genocide is serious business, and I would question the intellectual and emotional condition of anyone who would state such a thing – even if they live in mom’s basement with Cheetos dust and all that.  It is a sign of a troubled mind.

But this compared to being on the receiving end of genocide – does it matter to those being genocided that the perpetrators won’t say the word?

So, the rules: call for genocide even though you have no means of carrying it out: bad; calling out those who commit genocide even though they won’t recognize the term: also bad.


Yet, so I am further not misunderstood: jamming a bunch of college kids for speaking out against gencoding Palestinians is…let’s say, the act of a spoiled child who didn’t get enough of the rod when he was young.


The climate on college campuses is interesting.  I have found that many college kids just enjoy going to protests.  Ask them what the protest is about, and they just shrug their shoulders.  They don’t know.  It’s almost like just going to a party, I guess.

Stupid?  Maybe.  But compared to what else is being done by youth in this age group?  Almost harmless.


  1. There are 2 dangerous things about this issue. First, it starts the push for criminalizing speech in the US. The Left finally found a way to get conservatives to agree to curtailing the 1st amendment, "The jews!". Second, the response to pressure will lead Jews being added to the Leftist protected class list which now consists of non-whites and LGBT. It is a way of separating out Jew from white so the elites can continue their attack on traditional American without getting themselves caught. Obviously not all elites are Jewish but the more WASPy elites will have to find another way to get their exemption from the leftist revolution.

    1. From Bill Ackman:

      "I am saddened that the Harvard I love has lost its way. I am embarrassed for not having been aware and previously taken the time to investigate these issues until antisemitism exploded on campus. I should have paid more attention as it did not take a forensic analysis to surface and better understand these issues."

      Hard to believe anyone with half a brain was ignorant of the cultural disaster that has become of American academia. But there you go.