BU2B (Brought up to Believe)

I originally published a shorter version of this in August 2014.  The post attempts to identify the many fallacies that I (or many) generally were taught – mostly, but not totally, regarding history.  I have decided to create a standalone page on this theme; I continue to write a good amount along revisionist lines.  I will update this page accordingly.
All is for the best
Believe in what we’re told
Blind men in the market
Buying what we’re sold
                              Neil Peart

…history is a constant progression – onward and upward.

…the people of Central Asia played no meaningful role in history.

…the Dark Ages were…dark and technologically backward.

…the Middle Ages offered lawlessness and barbarity.

…the brutality of the Middle Ages was due to Catholicism.

…the Catholic Church ruined western civilization.

…the Reformation brought us religious liberty.

…the Renaissance was a renaissance.

…the Enlightenment was enlightened.

equality is the guiding star.

…King George was a tyrant.

…Americans won their independence.

…the founding fathers were selfless.

…the United States was historically always open to all immigrants.

…the time during the Articles of Confederation was chaotic.

…a written constitution is a check on government expansion.

…the Constitution protects my rights.

…America was never about Empire.

…Lincoln saved the Union.

…Lincoln was honest.

…the West was wild.

…war was always hell.

…Japan’s aggression in Asia was a shock to the US government.

…it was the assassination of the Archduke that was the cause of the Great War

…the Great War was inevitable.

…democracy represents the best form of government.

…democracies are reluctant to go to war.

…laissez-faire capitalism caused the great depression.

…Hoover was a do-nothing president.

…the modern nation-state is the best protector of person and property.

…there was no famine in Ukraine.

…Stalin was not as bad as Hitler.

…Germany is solely to blame for World War II in Europe.

…Stalin was minding his own business when Hitler invaded.

…Stalin was a victim of Hitler’s aggression.

…National Socialism was contrary to all western values.

US sympathy for China was a major reason for entering the Pacific war.

…Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise.

…World War II ended the depression.

…World War II was the good war.

…World War II was fought by the greatest generation.

…the United States defeated Hitler.                                

D-Day turned the tide of the war in Europe.

...Germany was the only combatant to commit atrocities in Europe.

…the west never commits acts of terrorism.

…the atomic bombs ended the war.

…the atomic bombs saved one million lives.

…the Nuremberg Trials were the epitome of justice.

…Jews willingly immigrated to Palestine.

…Zionists peacefully acquired land from the Palestinian Arabs.

…history marks a continuous advance in civilization.

…the US government would stand against world government.

…the US military fights for my freedom.

…the US military fights for the freedom of other, less fortunate, people.

…the global presence of the US military is an unwanted burden.

…the United States is bringing peace and salvation to the world.

…wars are fought to bring democracy to the Middle East.

…wars are fought for oil.

…foreign wars are almost…romantic.

…they died so that we could be free.

…JFK was shot by a lone nut.

blowback started with 911…or maybe the Iran Hostage situation.

Muhammad Ali was not patriotic.

…by saving and working hard, you will retire into the American dream.

…money and banking must be managed by the state.

…central bankers are servants of the people.

…monetary policy can be neutral.

…the United States is an exceptional nation.

…the United States is a nation of laws, not men.

…there is a meaningful difference between democrats and republicans.

…a third party would provide the solution.

…CATO is a friend of liberty.

…Milton Friedman was a free-market economist.

…central banking is not central planning.

…central banks are necessary to regulate markets.

…nineteen men could bring down three towers with two planes.

…they hate us for our freedom.

…the modern west offers the pinnacle of culture and civilization.

…a police officer’s job is to protect and to serve.

…Christians are a peace-loving people.

…Christians are to obey their government.

…the US is fighting ISIS in Iraq.

…the Cold War ended in 1991, but Russia still wants war.

…the European Union is dedicated to peace.

…free speech is a black or white issue.

…libertarianism is sufficient for liberty.

…the separation of church and state isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

soccer is a boring sport.

…there would always be another RUSH concert….


  1. Life is strange. I'm nearly 75 and only now perhaps almost nearly about prepared to raise a kid. :-)
    I'm glad I didn't!

  2. If I could make a recommendation regarding the JFK assassination, do a search for "Sean Murphy Prayer Man".

    Whether Mr. Murphy's arguments are persuasive or not, reading through his arguments involves learning a lot of information not normally discussed (at least, that was the case for me).

  3. This is such a great list and resource, and I've only scratched the surface.

    1. Thanks, ATL. I should probably update this soon, along with the Bibliography and Libertarians & Culture tabs.

    2. Don't know how I never spotted this list before, but I agree with ATL, it's a great list. Thanks for updating it. Wish I has seen it while I was on holiday, though. Now I'm going to have to read some of it while I'm at work!

  4. It is certain, things are not always as they appear or we are taught and the propaganda continues, largely unnoticed and/or unchallenged when it is. That old axiom "too soon old, too late smart" is more than a simple cliche.

  5. My two Medieval History courses had 3 five page essays each semester always with the same topic: Explain how the Catholic Church founded Western Civilization. Me thinks the old professor was correct.
    And i do agree with the above axiom "too soon old, too late smart." I was 37 when ignorance hit me and 50 before i fully knew how the modern world works. But we should give ourselves a break. We are all born naked, totally helpless, and totally ignorant.

    1. And totally manipulated. It is amazing that any of us figure out even a portion of the evil confronting us.

  6. Don't forget the Apollo lie. https://centerforaninformedamerica.com/moondoggie-1/