Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Perhaps There is No Opposition….


…even in Canada.

A short 150 second video by Jordan Peterson, entitled “Message To Canadian Leaders: Seize The Day,” in which he implores Canadian political conservative leaders and leaders of the opposition to make a strong message in support of the Canadian truckers and those beleaguered by the various measures of tyranny riding on a pale horse.  There is no time like now:

“Our prime minister has literally abandoned the city – run away, as far as I can tell – citing security concerns because I think he believes his own propaganda about the nature of the people sitting in Ottawa, and then lying about it, justifying it as a consequence of being exposed to covid, despite the fact that he is double-vaccinated and tested negative.”

Well, Trudeau must have watched this video, because the news suddenly changed:

Ottawa (CNN) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tested positive for Covid-19, he announced Monday…

No, definitely NOT Ottawa.

And then, as if to test how much covidiocy people still hold to in this most transparently nonsensical narrative (I won’t add “in my lifetime,” as there have been too many from which to choose):

"This morning, I tested positive for COVID-19," tweeted Trudeau, who is fully vaccinated and boosted. "I'm feeling fine -- and I'll continue to work remotely this week while following public health guidelines. Everyone, please get vaccinated and get boosted."

Because, my fellow Canadians, you see how well they worked for me.  Yes, vaccines work – but not at stopping covid.

Returning to Peterson, and his message to the political opposition: “Remove these mandates that are crippling our businesses and interfering with our private lives and stopping us from being able to travel.”

“What in the world are you waiting for?  It’s your moment.”

While I was watching this video, all I could think of was Mitch McConnell.  If the Canadian opposition is no different than the “opposition” presented by McConnell (and almost all other republicans), then Peterson’s pleadings are in vain.  There is no opposition, not in any meaningful sense.

I noted in my comments about Peterson’s recent video on the Canadian Constitutional Crisis that, despite being greatly in agreement with Peterson’s comments, there was some area of hesitation.  It was on this point, where Peterson and his guest were critical of those who thought there was little to be done about the way things are going.

Well, when all sides of the political aisle and all sides of the bureaucratic machinery and the entire weight of a police state and the machinery of corporate media and technology are against the people, what, exactly, is there to be done about it? 

Most people – those who are aware of the tyranny – will look to themselves, family and friends, a circle of people whom they trust and will defend.  Some will speak out, for the benefit of their conscience and in the hope that a few might listen.  But beyond this?

When a summer of looting, burning, and murder goes unpunished, and peaceful people rot in prison for a year and counting, what other action might “we the people” consider?  When clear evidence of voting…what shall we call them…irregularities is ignored, what comes next? 

The end of this road is violence.  It is a possibility that few normal human beings relish, and none will enjoy.


Which brings me to something I have been thinking about regarding these Canadian truckers, those who supported them financially, and those who cheered them on as they drove through the Great White North: what if this was happening in the United States?  How would these people be treated?

We know what would happen, because we have seen the recent evidence.  But there is an added dimension here: how to clear the streets?  This will be interesting to watch in Ottawa. 

Canadians consider themselves much more civilized than their southern neighbors, and in some measure with justification.  This could all change, depending on how the streets are cleared.


  1. "We know what would happen, because we have seen the recent evidence."

    Actually, no, we don't. It might happen that way, but not necessarily. As stock market managers are prone to say, "Past performance does not guarantee future results."

    Instead it might be that 50,000 +/- trucks on the road toward D.C. might (just might) be the catalyst needed to provoke the American populace out of their apathy into activity. It might be that violent force deployed against this convoy would be the "alarm bell" which wakes up the sleeping giant. Direct attempts to stop them might be the straw which breaks the camel's back.

    When you consider the seething anger roiling below the surface of America, there is just as much reason to believe that employing force to stop a cavalcade of this nature would cause an opposite, more than equal, reaction resulting in many, many highly visible politicians, bureaucrats, and "leaders" running for the hills at top speed, just as Trudeau has done.

    Let's go, Brandeau!"

  2. The end of this road is violence. It is a possibility that few normal human beings relish, and none will enjoy.

    It's that simple, really. It's also certainly not unprecedented, as there have been many popular revolutions throughout human history that have overthrown tyrannies. Of course the societies that did this in the past were arguably of heartier stock than ours of today, so it remains to be seen at what point Americans will have suffered enough to regain at least a soupçon of their forbears' character.

  3. Bionic, there never was opposition. Just this morning I read this – https://thegoodcitizen.substack.com/p/nonocracy-and-the-montgomery-brewster – and it will be archived in DaLimbraw Library (DLL) when I get to it.
    The problem we have is that there is no NONE OF THE ABOVE option for us, we’ve allowed DaTermites to infest our house to the point that burning it down becomes our only one left. Can anyone here honestly reason that electing someone else really matters?
    If you think so, argue with this – http://www.crushlimbraw.com – but only after reading it and then spending 6 months reading what’s archived in DLL – almost ALL written by others, not me.
    Thank God! And prepare the remnant!
    Maybe those wonderful Canadian truckers are God's messengers - pray for them!

  4. Indeed, pray for the Canadian truckers. In their actions, and those of European opponents to the Great Reset, we may see some glimmering of hope for the human spirit. I was delighted to hear the spokesman for the truckers say on the Tucker Carlson Show that Mr. Carlson is a hero for him. T.C. certainly deserves our prayers also: "vox clamentis in deserto". Trudeau's behavior exemplifies what I have said about my fellow academics: the backbone has been replaced by a malignantly expansive ego. It is appropriate for our rulers to feel some of the fear to which they have exposed the rest of us. Who can believe these scoundrels any longer as they continue to encourage booster shots which they know do not work. Unless, of course, they share
    Brandon's cognitive impairments. Happy Candlemas!

  5. The lack of opposition from the Right by this time is an old story, but one we keep suffering because of. I think Rothbard wrote about it in The Betrayal Of The Old Right. The "Right" basically got on board with progressive ideology: war, central planning, cronyism, hyper-regulation of everything, institutionalize everything.

    The more recent voice on this is Paul Gottfried who is still alive and runs Chronicles Magazine. He and those others writing on the site continue to call out in the wilderness to those on the Right to oppose the Progressive/Marxist revolution we are undergoing.

    Few are answering the call, mostly in conservative media/entertainment, not many actual elected officials. Of course all of them are branded as "fringe, extremist, kooky, naive", etc.