Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Jordan Peterson has Gone (Almost) Full Deplorable on Covid


And we are better for it.

If you were trying to create the perfect conditions for public skepticism about vaccines in the midst of a pandemic, could you have done any better than this?

-          Norman Doidge

Jordan Peterson has gone further into unpacking the false narratives and manipulation regarding covid at a pace that seems to be quickening.  He recently released a three-hour video on the topic.  All Peterson did in this video was to introduce Norman Doidge (a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst), who then spent the three hours reading his (obviously) very long analysis of the covid road.

The analysis is entitled “Why so many are hesitant to get the COVID vaccines, and what we can do about it.”  It is in four parts, with chapter one here (and links to the other parts are included).  It was published on October 27, 2021.  A thirty-eight page “printer friendly” version is also available.  Then you have my brief notes and summary.

I have to say, except for diving into the “whys” of the mainstream narrative and government actions of the last two years, Doidge has most of the issues that that honest doctors like Malone and McCullough have pointed out, or that readers of banned or blacklisted websites like Lew Rockwell or Infowars would already be very well aware.

I said most.  No mention of alternative treatments and how these were crushed.  No real dive into the data, demonstrating that there was no “pandemic.”  But still, overall, a very good report.

Here I will only offer some examples: he opens with an examination of what he calls the behavioral immune system (BIS).  I only introduce it here because he spends a good amount of time discussing it.  It would seem a good topic of conversation to have amongst Doidge, Peterson, and Dr. Desmet.  This BIS explains, for Doidge, why….

… someone drives alone wearing a mask, or goes for a walk by themselves in an empty forest masked, or when someone—say with good health and no previous known adverse reactions to vaccines—hears that a vaccine can in one in 500,000 cases cause death, but can’t take any comfort that they have a 99.999% chance of it not happening because it potentially can.

You all know such people.

There are the positive aspects of vaccination – smallpox being a major example.  But he also covers the many tragedies – and, in many cases, purposeful abuses: the Tuskegee experiments, forced sterilizations, etc.

None of the public health abuses during this period involved informed patient consent, and yet they were government-sponsored, lauded, and justified in the name of the greater good.

Until the Nazis came along.  Then the experimenters got a little cautious – or, I wonder, just more discrete?  In any case, we got the Nuremburg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki: informed consent would now be mandatory.

The connection between the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA that regulates and approves the manufacture of vaccines is made – regulatory capture.  Further, the regulators often have financial incentive to approve the drugs which they regulate – and Fauci is named directly.  Finally, the swinging door from regulator to industry and back (although there were also several resignations mentioned as well).

He continues to list the numerous multi-billion-dollar fines paid by companies in the industry – Pfizer, Glaxo, Abbot, Eli Lilly, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, etc.  Oxycontin, Vioxx, and the like.  Ghost-written papers – papers written by big pharma but pawned off as independent research.  Delay the reports of side-effects until the patent runs out, then use the side-effects to kill any generic use and come up with modifications to secure a new patent.  The list of corruption is endless.

Doidge notes that in September, 2019 – a few months before the covid nonsense began – Big Pharma was already the least trusted industry in America (25 out of 25), with the federal government at 24, the health care industry at 23, and advertising and public relations at 22.  In other words, every faction that since has become for many Americans the purveyors of unquestionable truth.

Anthony Fauci – a seeming voice of reason in the first weeks of March 2020.  Then the flip-flops: two weeks to flatten the curve grew into a new way of life, no masks became masks.  Nothing made sense.  And then you have no-lockdown Florida with better data that full lockdown New York.

The whole gain of function aspect: both Fauci’s and Collins' lies and duplicity on this topic are discussed.  Vaccines would be our savior – and it wasn’t only Fauci preaching this good news:

On this point, Bill Gates, of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the largest private contributor to the WHO, was very direct: “The ultimate solution, the only thing that really lets us go back completely to normal and feel good … is to create a vaccine,” he said.

Doidge notes that almost anyone in the vaccine industry would say it takes 7 – 10 years on a fast track to properly develop a vaccine.  But Gates said we can’t wait that long.  So, the manufacturers would have to be protected from liability.  And then there was the lack of transparency:

The New York Times ran several articles on this, reporting that AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna had each withheld their study protocols from outside scientists and the public.

Which is fine with the regulatory agencies, making them seem even more corrupt to the general public.  Then, the trial participants were followed for a total of…two months.  And, just like that, four billion people have been jabbed.

The novel mRNA – first touted as a major breakthrough, a new technology.  Until this made people less comfortable than they already were.  Then it was suddenly around for a long time.

AstraZeneca stopped its clinical trial twice in 2020.  As if to demonstrate the purpose behind the vaccines, he first told the JP Morgan investment bank.

…in November 2020, the exciting news arrived: We had vaccine liftoff. Phase III trials of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were said to be 95% and 94.5% efficacious, as Fauci and the company press releases announced…

And Emergency Use Authorization was granted.  But, efficacious at what, exactly?  Per Peter Doshi, an associate editor at the British Medical Journal:

“None of the trials currently underway are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths.”

In fact, out of 70,000 trial participants, only one died a covid death.  How could that be statistically meaningful?  The trial would have to be 5-10 times larger or 5-10 times longer to have any merit.  And still no data released, and won’t be for years.

Israel and Great Britain, two countries well out in front in the vaccination race.  And for a short time, things were looking up. 

Over the summer, the master narrative started to show cracks. By Aug. 18, Israel had the world’s third-highest number of new cases per capita.

It would get worse – up to 10,000 new covid cases per day:

“That is a record that did not exist in the previous waves,” Nachman said. It was also the highest number of COVID cases per capita of any country, beating out Mongolia and making Israel the “COVID capital of the world just months after leading the charge on vaccines.”

Hospitals in Israel were overloaded and had to turn away patients.  The solution: quadruple jabs.  Meanwhile, Sweden, taking few of the forced measures, had cases and deaths much lower than Israel.

Pregnant women could safely take the vaccine.  But that’s not what the study said, even as thin as it was – only a couple of months.  No increased fetal death, but what of longer-term effects?  It was white, uneducated Trump voters that were hesitant – except that the most hesitancy was in minorities and those with Ph.Ds…and health care workers.

Boosters were approved, after a study of a few hundred participants.  Well, not really approved.  They were rejected, except for those over 65.  But then Biden took over:

…in mid-August, Biden began publicly supporting boosters for all. Why? On Sept. 16, the Los Angeles Times reported that the president was following the advice of Fauci and the NIH, with the help of Dr. Janet Woodcock…

The same Woodcock who had gone around and against advisory panels on other issues.

Tech censorship, threats of pulling medical licenses.  It was all too much even for Amnesty International:

“Across the world, journalists, political activists, medical professionals, whistle-blowers and human rights defenders who expressed critical opinions of their governments’ response to the crisis have been censored, harassed, attacked and criminalized.”

Then the numbers started coming down – no more “95% effective.”  Now, below 50%...and falling.  No more preventing transmission.  The (il)logical conclusion: it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated, of course. This, using lies to justify the phrase.  One example to counter this: the unvaccinated country of Ethiopia:

The population of Ethiopia is about 119 million—just over one-third of the United States. COVID vaccination rates are very low there: 2.7% have had at least one shot, 0.9% have had two. As of Sept. 28, 2021, the country recorded only 5,439 COVID deaths over the course of the entire pandemic. If the United States had such a death rate per capita, it would have lost just over 16,000 people, rather than over 700,000.


In any case, it is good to see Peterson now is entering this fight.  There are places he hasn’t gone, and I don’t expect him to go.  I don’t think he will risk wandering directly into conspiracy territory.

But, how else would you explain the last two years?


  1. All or most of these factual references have been out there for anyone to read during the entire 2 year Jabber Trail - if one was desirous to do so, but as an example, DaBuffaloNoose as I call them has yet to even mention any alternate views or options. They haven’t even mentioned the Canadian Freedom Convoy across the Peace Bridge from Buffalo. Why the silence?
    Yes of course, there is the Narrative - but The Z Man today posted Living In Our Own Reality - The concept of a simulated reality or an alternative reality has been popular in science fiction since the earliest days of the genre. Either the protagonist falls though a portal into an alternative reality, usually similar to his own, or he discovers that he is living in a simulated reality controlled by others. The goal in both scenarios is to discover the actual reality and who is behind the deception. - FYI!

    1. Crush, the analysis was written last October, well before the convoy. As I posted yesterday, Peterson commented favorably on the convoy in a different, current video.

      As to these facts being out there for two years, yes. The point is that more people are noticing these facts, and that someone with the following of Peterson is willing to give these facts more visibility is valuable.

  2. No disagreement with your reply whatsoever and no snub of Peterson implied. My comment was in the context of the lack of intellectual curiosity - for TWO YEARS - shown by most of the fourth estate which considers itself above us common riffraff, while living in a Faucified reality driven by mass psychosis - as Z Man explained.
    Besides, DaBuffaloNoose is my favorite punching bag because they're such an easy target.:)
    Conclusion: The enemy is now clearly on the run, but getting more desperate. That's why ROLL-ON BIG MOMMA has become my theme song for The Canadian Convoy - it's an old trucker-country favorite.
    Much work to be done yet, but I think I see light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. I understand, Crush. It is, and will continue to be, interesting to watch how many "thesis" people now begin to act as if they have been "anti-thesis" people all along.

      One clue might be "oh, I decided to get the shot anyway." It is something Peterson has said, as well as Doidge (if I remember right).

      But the truly evil cases will be those who formerly pounded the table for the thesis, and now act as if they always were on the anti-thesis side - with no apology, no reference to their past.

    2. I should be clear, I don't put Peterson or Doidge in the "truly evil" camp. Peterson admitted "shame on me." He didn't pretend he was something other than what he was.

      Doidge gave a reason for his taking the jab - he didn't try to hide anything. I may not agree with his reasoning, but it was his choice to make.

  3. Good to see Peterson jump into the fray. It makes sense. He seeks truth. He doesn't want to seem fringe or a kook, so he is careful in his analysis and commentary. But a search for truth ends up in one place.

    I think Trudeau ratcheting up the tyranny also sparked something in him. He is sensitive to the interests of normal people and skeptical of the PC regime. The dam finally burst.

    This trucker convoy is the greatest thing I have seen so far. I can't wait to see one in the US. As long as we don't starve to death.

    1. Peterson grew up in western, rural Canada (Alberta, I think). He knows the circle of real people doing honest work in an environment that will kill you if you are not both rational and reasonable.

  4. We have to keep in mind that Peterson, with his massive audience, will draw the gaze of Sauron... I mean the ire of the pseudo-medical, Big-Tech, corporate-cancel-culture Establishment quicker than most if he begins purveying the dreaded "misinformation" on Covid. So, I give him a bit of a pass on delving too deep into the weeds of the realities of Covid.

    The term misinformation reminds of the term "misremembered" which Brian Williams used when explaining why he lied on national television about some helicopter incident in a warzone. Misinformation is one of those weaselly words that avoids directly calling someone a liar. This coming from people who routinely lie constantly and knowingly to promote mass injury and death. I say screw anyone who stands with Kneel Yung and his hippie-boomer musician friends trying to cancel Rogan. I'm on the side of Rogan, Peterson, the Great Barrington Declaration, the glorious trucker-convoy in Canada, and the truth wherever it leads.

    1. ATL, first, sorry for the delay approving this comment. For some reason, it went to the spam folder, which I don't check often - given the spam that is allowed into the regular folder, I have found the spam folder of little use.

      To your point of giving Peterson a pass, I agree. Plus, he still carries the scars from the last go-round.

      As to Rogan, it will be interesting to see what happens to his audience size given his mea-culpa. Further, as we know, apologizing to leftists doesn't get him off the hook - leftists will double-down, as apologizing just makes him a target now known to fall back.

  5. As much as I like him. He is not to be trusted now.
    This was too big, and obvious for some one of his stature to miss!

    Owhyee Cowboy