Saturday, January 29, 2022

Back in the Game


When Jordan Peterson first came back to the public spotlight after his illness, he was slow to engage again on some of the topics that brought him to the fore during his first big wave.  This, of course, is understandable given what he apparently went through with his illness.  However, it was clear that the lack of his voice would be detrimental to exposing the underlying causes of the meaning crisis and resultant convulsions in the West.

This was most sorely missed in the context of the insanity behind everything covid.  Unlike Bret Weinstein, who began speaking out against many of the policies and reactions to this not-a-plague, Peterson was quiet.

This has changed.  In the last couple of months, there were signs of his re-awakening.  I recall a clip – I don’t remember from where – where he said something like “well, perhaps shame on me, but I took your damn vaccine.  Why won’t you leave me alone?”

Recently he was on Joe Rogan.  More than four hours, and I will summarize – not from the video, but from the first items that come up on a google search:

·         Scientists slam climate denialism from Jordan Peterson as ‘absurd’ – CNN

·         Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan’s Podcast echoes the lunacy of Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ – Forbes (I have no idea what the show is about)

·         Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson eviscerated by experts for ‘whackadoo’ and ‘deadly’ interview on climate crisis – YAHOO!News

·         Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan Wax Idiotic on Climate Change and Race – Rolling Stone

·         Joe Rogan guest Jordan Peterson says being trans is a 'contagion' – NY Post

·         Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan is DAMAGING – You Tube

I do recall reading that Peterson also poked at the entire covid narrative in this interview, but even when I added the word “covid” to the search, only one item came up in the first couple of pages.

Peterson recently released a discussion he had with Brian Peckford, entitled “Canadian Constitutional Crisis.”  From the show notes:

Brian Peckford and I discussed his reentry to the political arena after denouncing the Canadian Government for infringements on the Canadian Charter of Rights--a document he played a key role in drafting. In this intense conversation, Peckford outlines a combined plan of action against the Canadian Government over their COVID-19 response and ongoing use of power.

Starting his career as an educator, the Honorable Brian Peckford then served as the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador for nearly a decade. He is also an author, former minister, and notable member of the PC Party.

Peckford was directly involved, forty years ago, in the drafting of and agreement to the Canadian Charter of Rights.  So he has some idea of both the spirit and letter of the document.  He is filing a lawsuit in Canadian court regarding the government’s actions, specifically focused on the violation of the Charter on the point of freedom of association.

I won’t summarize the video, other than to say Peckford is very well read on the nonsensical (so-called) science behind the political reactions to covid.  Oh, and apparently Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre, who was also Prime Minister during the passing of the Canadian Charter, was as big a snake as Justin is.

There are a couple of quibbles I have with the comments, but overall both Peterson and Peckford have their eyes open.

The video is about an hour and twenty minutes.  It seems it was so important for Peterson to release it quickly that there was zero editing – there is nothing polished about the production.  This was by design, as will be explained in the opening – which captures the pre-planning of the video.


When Peterson first returned to the scene about a year ago, I noted, with understanding, his timidity.  It seems he is now finding the strength to break free of this.


  1. I admire the Canadian constitution for having explicit provisions allowing provincial nullification. The States would benefit from using the implicit doctrine worked out by Calhoun and others more often.

  2. Did you hear what he said about the Bible? Pretty amazing. He said it is too small of a statement to say it is truth. Without it there isn't truth. Presuppositionalists like Schaeffer, Bahnsen, and Van Til would have cheered.

  3. Peterson is definitely growing on me. I have said some things in the past (even the recent past) regarding him that I may have to eat. I have to give him credit for resigning his position as professor because of the contemptible state of the higher education system. Anyone who speaks out against the Covid regime is a welcome addition to the club in my opinion.