Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The New Phonebook is Here…

…and I’m somebody!

Perhaps one of the funniest movies I have ever watched is The Jerk, starring Steve Martin.  One of several movies that would be impossible to make today due to all of the sensitivities we must now accommodate (Blazing Saddles would be another).

There are a dozen memorable scenes in The Jerk.  One is captured in the title of this post, and the 40-second video is here.  If you know the scene, no need to watch; if you don’t know the scene – well, the rest of this post will make not-quite-as-much sense and it will be nowhere near as funny.

You will recall the list of websites supposedly tools of Russian propaganda.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make the list; it was a little upsetting, but I got over it quickly.  To bring it closer to home: the mainstream libertarian mouthpieces – they always pick on Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell (and almost as often, Ron Paul), but never bionic mosquito. 

Oh, sure, I have been able to get Jeffrey Tucker to notice (see the comments section), and once even had a long comment from Nicholas Sarwark; even many exchanges with Jacob Hornberger.  But nothing by the big hitters – Reason or Cato, for example.

Well, that all changed recently…

In a piece taking the obligatory knife to Rothbard and Rockwell, Matt Welch decides that bionic mosquito is worth a mention, when he writes “(or even "Bionic Mosquito" vs. "Libertarian Neocons for McCain"!).

Matt Welch is the libertarian neocon to whom I referred in the subject post; he gushes over McCain’s “honor and integrity.”  It’s enough to make an actual libertarian puke.

It is interesting: Welch finds reason to mention this post but makes no mention of its content; to my knowledge he never has.

But I don’t care: let’s just say that the new phonebook is here, and I am somebody!


  1. I love Steve Martin, my favorite movie of his is "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels".

    The whip scene makes my stomach hurt with laughter:

    I love all of Mel Brook's stuff, he was just saying the other day that PC culture has ruined comedy.

  2. "Welch finds reason to mention this post but makes no mention of its content..."

    Maybe he just hates the cans. ; )

  3. Glad to see that you are garnering attention in the 'right' circles!

    'The Producers' is the most shockingly un-PC movie I have seen. That movie from '67 shows me that today's Holocaust narrative had not yet taken hold in the mid-'60s America.