Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Moment of Peace

I have the pleasure of visiting a friend a few times a year.  He lives in a quiet neighborhood, one with few cars and many trees.  I especially enjoy taking walks in the neighborhood and watching the very tall eucalyptus trees moving slowly in the breeze.

When I have trouble sleeping, I clear my mind and picture the tops of these trees, slowly moving in the breeze, sixty feet in the air.  If I keep my mind focused on the trees, I am able to keep it clear of the daily grind and then am able to fall asleep.

While I take the walk, I listen to music.  As you know my musical taste, few people would describe any of it as relaxing.  While my window for relaxing music is wider than most, I fully understand this sentiment.

The other day, while on the walk and listening to music, a truly relaxing song came on: Truth: An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess.

The entire song is beautiful, but if you don’t want to listen to ten minutes worth…I came up to the trees at about the 5:55 mark.  While watching the tops of the trees I enjoyed this beautiful piano.

I hope I am able to incorporate the piano into my nighttime-trying-to-fall-asleep routine!


  1. I'm not much for electric guitar, but I can see how that 5:55 area would put a relaxing spring in one's step! Very nice.

  2. BM
    There is no need to post this comment, I just mean to share some information with you relevant to sleep.
    I never had trouble sleeping before, but about three weeks ago I had some form of sleep apnea that would not allow me to sleep a wink for something like 6 days. Evertime I started to sleep I would stop breathing and feel like I was drowning, and startle awake.
    I was seeing an acupuncturist for a knee injury and I went to see him for this. He said that I was overworking myself ( I have a full time job and started a part time one as well) not to mention the political and economic realities of our day are to say the least, nightmarish.
    He treated me with the standard needle procedure and sent me home with some Chinese herbal medicine that got me to sleep starting that very night and ever since, peacefully and contentedly, as even before the apnea I had nightmares often and tossed to and fro.
    I thought I would mention it to you, on the off-chance that it might help you as much as it helped me sir.

    1. Thank you.

      I decided to post, because it might help others as well.

  3. That's awesome BM, you are quite welcome sir. I thought of sending you another reply to tell you to post it for it may help others, but decided to wait it out and see if you would anyway. What a beautiful coming together of minds in lovingkindness!