Friday, June 2, 2017

Pigs at the Trough

I was thinking about writing a post containing the list of CEOs of major US corporations who have come out against Trump’s decision regarding the Paris Climate Accord.  I am overwhelmed.  I would make my life easier by writing a list of those who haven’t.

I cannot let it go unsaid regarding one of these: Elon Musk.  It is really hilarious to consider that he has no company without the government’s involvement in the climate.

None of these CEOs is a climate expert; all of them publicly complain about regulation.  You would think that this combination of characteristics would lead to either at best cheering the elimination of the horrendous regulatory burdens imposed by yet another international scheme or at worst shutting up on a topic that they really don’t know much about.

But, of course, we know better.

Big business loves regulation, and the more complex the better.  Complex regulation kills off the little guy, the start-up.  Complex regulatory requirements drive up the cost of the product, which drives up revenue and margins.

Big business loves government-created markets which force consumers to buy products (that only big business can produce) that they would otherwise not want to buy.

Big business loves government programs, as big business does not then have to market and sell to millions of individual consumers but instead to a handful of bureaucrats.

Big business is four-square against killing this deal.  I can offer words of hope to these CEOs: don’t worry, it isn’t over yet; Trump is looking to a repeal and replace strategy.  You can get an ever better deal if you focus on this.

Albeit, your respite will, eventually, prove temporary.  The economy cannot sustain continued decrease of the productive (those who provide market-demanded goods) in support of the increase in the unproductive (those whose primary service is supported, directly or indirectly, by the government).

As this day approaches, who will win?   Who will have priority?  Grandma and grandpa?  The military-industrial complex?  Solar panels and windmills?

As to Elon Musk: one day Tesla will crash and burn.  The best outcome for the company will be to have its assets acquired by a major automaker, one who can afford to invest in a money losing technology that may, someday, pay a benefit.  The worst outcome for the company will be that no one cares, as several major automakers are developing high-performance electric vehicles that will out-compete Tesla.

I hope I live to see this day.  It will be almost as entertaining as the Trump presidency.



  1. And the most irritating part to me about these CEOs is that they have not bitched at all about the $54billion increase in the $600 billion (Really over $1,000 billion) defense budget. And what do all of these planes, ships, tanks, trucks, cannons, rifles, humans, subcontractors, Chinese uniform manufacturers, buildings, etc do? They all emit lots of CO2.

    So if they were the slightest bit concerned about the planet then they would immediately stop the $54 billion increase and start gnawing away at the $1 trillion.

    1. The American military has long been the major emitter of CO2 along with the major consumer of petroleum products in western markets. Since it is except from control of the three branches of the government,having its own legal system, it cannot be constrained by the usual methods. The best way to rein in the military is for Americans to refuse to participate in its programs of worldwide terror in pursuit of hegemony.

  2. And equally as irritating is that if these CEOs would stop the central banks from artificially depressing the price of credit causing over-consumption then the amount of C02 emitted would be less yet.


  3. "All animals are equal. Some animals are more equal than others"

    There is only some much space, and a couple of cushions, on the farmer sofa.

    1. The number of farmers and ranchers has been on the decline for the last century. Most of those on that sofa are watching fictionalized history.

  4. ' It will be almost as entertaining as the Trump presidency.'

    Fantastic . . . I live in Norway, an American, and when asked what I thought about the Trump presidency, I replied, 'It's sure to be an entertaining four years'.

    We now measure world events by entertainment value. First reaction was mirth, next reaction . . .

    Welcome to bread and circuses.

    1. American bread and circuses began long before any of us were born.

  5. Until all the elements of the modern Deep State including our climate scientists, look up at the sky and formally acknowledge Chemtrails and HAARP, they and their organizations will metaphysically represent the Dark Side.

  6. Until all the elements of the modern Deep State including our climate scientists, look up at the sky and formally acknowledge Chemtrails and HAARP, they and their organizations will metaphysically represent the Dark Side.

  7. Yes, bm - Elon Musk is an example of pure sleaze in business - but why?
    Robert Ringer wrote this "Poverty, war, and political power are extremely profitable businesses, and if the ruling class believes you’re a serious threat to its agenda, you might just end up .......!"
    Again, but why?
    Very simple - because we ordinary schlocks ain't payin' attention! And we end up paying these parasites billions upon billions running into trillions - most of which is borrowed or 'created magically' which we DaSchlocks will owe!
    How stupid can we get?
    Trump is a symptom of both the problem and the solution. Most pols assume that he created his political wave. I beg to differ - he rode the wave of discontent - and if he doesn't at least to begin the draining of DaSwamp, there will be hell to pay.
    It will take us ordinary schlocks to start the process of mentoring others in our families and circles of influence - to become more knowledgeable and thus make disciples as has been done to us - over the last 100+ years.
    I now have an archive which is nearing 2000 articles on this agenda which you link from my website - almost 2 years and growing. Just google my name.
    What is really interesting is that the international audience is growing faster than the US - which indicates that the anti-globalism wave is worldwide - and that's a good sign!

    1. "... he rode the wave of discontent - and if he doesn't at least to begin the draining of DaSwamp, there will be hell to pay."

      Yes, certainly so. If you have not read him at Claremont Review of Books, Angelo Codevilla is very good on this.

    2. Wow. Thanks for steering me toward Mr. Codevilla's work. Great stuff!

    3. Haven't read a specific book by AC - but I was introduced to his name several years ago. Here is a key word search on just his name in my archive - - available to anyone who wants to browse or do likewise.
      BTW - there is a generous sprinkling of articles by someone name bionic mosquito:)

    4. @ crushlimbraw (snicker... great handle)

      Thanks for the list. I can't wait to peruse it. I'll skip over any of the articles by that Bionic Mosquito fellow, rabble-rouser that he is. :)

  8. Pollution Index for Country 2017

  9. It should be no surprise by now that businessmen are not allies of the free market...Rothbard covered this extensively in several of his writings.....

    Guys it's about get on the steady income money dole...the needs of others are but a by product. You have the low hanging fruit on one hand in the ghettos or the motivated elite looking for someone to pay for their needs....Now I do jest just a bit...but the more you open this can of socialized worms...the harder it is to find a Maverick in this perverted form of economic trade.

    Old Mercantilism never went away...and as far as I'm concerned it or Mercantilism is what finances the different tyrannical political philosophies, communism, etc....because trade still goes's just that it is controlled by a few..


    Contents: •Introduction

    •The "science" of "global warming"

    •A brief history of "global warming"

    •The "scientific consensus" on "global warming"

    •"Global warming" and the mass media
    •Motivations, lies, and green tape

    Very interesting.

    Cultural Marxism and the Alt-Right

  12. Worth watching: Mark Levin talks with Patrick Michaels about "climate change." Patrick Michaels' brother, Robert Michaels, is a professor of economics at Cal State Univ. Fullerton. It's apparent in this interview that the climate specialist also has a knowledge of economics.
    Peg in Oregon