Monday, June 19, 2017

Why They Are After Trump…Revisited

For several months, I have felt that the Trump=Russia witch hunt was a diversion. Sure, they want Trump out, but not for the stated reason – not for Russia.  They want Trump out because what he represents is a voice for people who are tired of seeing every libertine, immoral, property-rights and wealth destroying progressive platform agenda shoved down their throats.  Trump ran against almost every plank of this life-destroying force.

I wrote on this topic in March; from the conclusion:

Russia is a diversion; it is useful as a means to an end.  It isn’t the end.  The end is the salvation of the many pillars of the progressive agenda; the end is the final destruction of western, classical liberal, civilization.

Don’t expect me to explain it as well as Judge Napolitano can and has; I have listened to and read several commentators on the topic of the special prosecutor, Comey’s testimony, etc.  I can only offer a semi-ignorant layman’s summary.

A special prosecutor was appointed with no crime to prosecute; with no crime to prosecute, you have a dozen of the most aggressive, capable attorneys looking for something…anything.  Show me the man and I will show you the crime. 

The narrative is shifting, from collusion to obstruction.  Without a crime for the special prosecutor to prosecute, why not? 

They ignore the overwhelming evidence of the Clinton crimes, former Attorney General Lynch and her visit with Bill, even the leaking admitted to by Comey.

But the special prosecutor is looking for a Trump crime.  And the collusion with Russia – after one year – is a narrative with no story.

They want Trump out because they want their progressive, cultural destroying agenda to crush us all.


  1. The Progs are pulling a crawdad. This is a diversion to keep the public focused on Trump's "alleged" crimes and to keep the crimes of Obama and the Clinton's out of the media. I think Mr. Trump is aware of this and has planned accordingly.

    Pax Christi,


  2. Really, if you can square it in your head and just listen to them they will tell you what they want and what they think they are going to do. Projection is a problem for most feral peoples. By feral think unhealthy, blissfully ill educated and devout in their evil stupidity. The world has lost a leader because their leader had to leave. The US is shirking its duties for the cult of climastrology. Our duality of our world exists because we allow it. Evil begat evil and they do not fight for good.