Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Takeover of Trump – Timeline

I have decided it will be valuable to capture a timeline on the takeover of Trump.  This came to me as a result of Trump’s decision to strike Syria with about five dozen cruise missiles.  Whether you believe there has been a takeover, whether you believe he hasn’t been taken over but is playing three dimensional chess, or whether you believe we are seeing Trump for what he has always been – a politician who would say anything to win office – it seems to me that capturing this timeline is going to be of value.

This list provides daily headlines about Trump. I am trying to remain focused on the following themes:

·        Where Trump pushes against the establishment
·        Where the establishment pushes back at Trump
·        Where one side or the other has a victory

You will see below a real work in progress.  I am not satisfied with it as most of the sources are mainstream sources – the result of taking from page 1 of Google search results.  The searches were on one word: Trump.  I want to do further searches, using Trump AND each of the following: Russia, Putin, spygate, recount, Electoral College, Flynn, Mattis, McCain, Schumer, Graham, Bannon.

I will ask: if you believe I have / am neglecting any major theme or story, let me know and send a link.  I will add it to the list and follow the thread as necessary.

Also, I have started the list with the day of his election.  I do intend to go earlier, as so many of the events and statements during the campaign must be captured.

Keep in mind: I provide the list without having read every linked article or essay.  Further, the list, already very long yet with so much to add, is not intended to provide a full narrative or tell a story.  It is intended to be a reference, a starting point.

You will find the first draft of the timeline here.


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  2. Trump has done a 180 on Syria, taxes, Russia, China, Ex-Im Bank, refugees and NATO in 7 days. We have also seen the congressional Republicans allocate no money for the wall, with nary a peep from Trump. I've never seen cucking like this in my life.