Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Future of Air Travel

I give it about ten years….

·        Fingerprints, retina scans, and DNA swabs.
·        You will be required to disrobe entirely.
·        Body cavity searches at the TSA agent’s discretion.
·        You will, of course, be offered a private screening room.
·        Your clothes will be returned to you at the arrival city.
·        New clothes will be issued to you for the flight; something akin to the blue hospital robes with the open backside.
·        Oh, and slippers.
·        Your clothes, carry-ons, and luggage will be sent on a separate, baggage-only plane.
·        All hard drives and electronic devices will have all data duplicated onto government-controlled media.
·        As your plane will carry no baggage, it can now offer double-decker seating; this will offset the cost of the second, baggage-only plane.
·        Upon arrival, your clothes will be returned.
·        The arrival city is free to demand another full body screening and cavity search.


  1. I, too, am quite pessimistic, but as stupid as our population is I still can't see anyone flying if they had to go through half this stuff. We will see a ban on commercial passenger flights entirely before some of those measures.

  2. But the fares are weight based. The less you weight the more it costs. Trust me, you rather pay more if gotta have to travel naked. The sights, oh the possible assaults on the eye!
    Long live general aviation.

  3. Now if it weren't for all those checkpoints on the highways...

  4. With the exception of the baggage only plane and keeping your cloths it is already here! Just not universally applied.

    Not for me of course, I now refuse to fly. If I have to for work I'll develop an fear of flying!

    A Spectator

  5. I agree with most of this. The only thing I would change is the clothing aspect. The government and TSA are too lazy and inept to take on the administrative responsibility of clothing issuance. They will simply issue a directive specifying clothing that is now allowed to be worn on flights. A new market will sprout up with TSA approved clothing.