Sunday, March 12, 2017

Trump Wrong, Paul Half (or more) Right

Washington (CNN) — President Donald Trump warned House Republicans Tuesday if they can't pass health care legislation after seven years of promises it could be a "bloodbath" in the 2018 midterm election, according to one member present in the meeting.

The current proposed plan will still result in a bloodbath.

Trump vowed to throw his full support behind the effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act during a meeting with House GOP leadership, saying he is "proud" to support a GOP-authored plan to replace Obamacare and told members behind closed doors that he would support it "100%," according to sources in the room.

The people voted for “repeal,” they didn’t vote for “replace.”

…the Kentucky Senator said he met with Trump and didn't believe the two were "that far off" from each other on how to proceed. [Rand] Paul said they both want to repeal Obamacare, and the disagreement came over how exactly to replace it…

The people didn’t vote to replace it, they voted to repeal it.

"I did express with the President that I think separating repeal from replacement will get it done, and I think that's maybe the only vehicle for getting that done," Paul said.

Paul may be smart as a fox on this one, knowing that “repeal” will get enough votes – or force republicans who think they want to vote “no” to consider the limited length of their future in congress – but “replace" will not.

Trump is wrong; Paul is half (or more) right.


  1. He should just repeal it, if they have the numbers (I believe that they do not, which is why they are using the reconciliation process).

    1. Vote to repeal anyhow. People like a sincere effort, even if in vain. Maybe ESPECIALLY if in vain.

    2. Matt, there are enough republicans to vote to repeal it if they all just vote to repeal it; this is why they don't want a straight vote for repeal. It will bring the hypocrisy to a test. Republicans in the pocket of big government, big pharma, etc., will be forced to vote yea or nay.

      If the vote not to repeal, they will be booted out of office. If they vote to repeal, they will lose their source of campaign funding and future payoffs.

  2. There is no way to repeal Obummer Care. The Bright Lights of Obama Team and their buddies in the medical industry special interest carefully crafted this mess to destroy wealth and increase their rents from their respective businesses. What senator or congressman of either party is going to tell millions of people now receiving Medicaid that weren't previously that their "Gravy Train" is going to end? Who is going to stand up to United Health Group or Anthem or one of the other oligopoly of maybe 8 companies and bring the house down?

    There is no way to get beyond the dependence of the whole mess on the requirements for all to have insurance and the requirements for everybody to have a standard (There are several of them) crappy and extremely expensive insurance plan.

    1. "What senator or congressman of either party is going to tell millions of people now receiving Medicaid that weren't previously that their "Gravy Train" is going to end?"

      Which is why they hide behind tying "repeal" to "replace."

  3. Trump seems to be parting ways with a strategy that worked very well for him. His strategy for much of his campaign and the earlier stages of his presidency was setting the stage, and letting the opponent walk onto it, just to find that the stage was never a stage, but a bear trap.

    Pushing to repeal Obamacare would be enough to do this. Battle lines would become clear, and Trump would get the kudos from his voter base for giving it an honest shot. Every rino that votes against it would have some explaining to do. /pol/ and the_donald Reddit won't spare a moment to meme these guys out of any credibility.

    Meanwhile, Melania is singing the praises of natural health and steering clear of big pharma.

    We're missing part of the story somewhere.