Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Question

During the Munich Security Conference a couple of weeks ago, news came out that Russia would recognize  various documents issued by eastern Ukrainian authorities – in other words, from the separatist regions of Donbass.

“The decree stated clearly this was made out of humanitarian concerns…until Minsk agreements have been fulfilled. The presidential decree validated IDs of Donbass residents so that they could enter Russia legally and use Russian rail transport and air carriers," [Sergei Lavrov] explained.

Given the hysteria about Russia and Ukraine, you would think this would cause all sorts of calamity during the Conference.  Apparently not:

Lavrov said this issue had not been brought up during foreign ministers’ talks in the so-called Normandy Four format in Munich.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was all spun up about it:

"I informed [US Vice President Mike Pence] about the recent decision of President Putin to validate the passports of the occupied territories, the so-called LPR and DPR, for me it is yet another proof of Russia's violation of international law," Poroshenko told reporters after a meeting with Pence.

And Poroshenko’s discussion with Pence came just hours after Pence vowed to “hold Russia to account.”

I hadn’t thought about it much more until reading The Saker today, updating the situation:

Let’s sum all this up:

·        The Urkonazis completely close down the unofficial border with Novorussia
·        Russia recognizes Novorussian documents
·        The DNR and LNR nationalize all the Ukrainian industry in the Donbass
·        The Ukronazis declare that the line of contact is now to be considered a border
·        The Novorussians declare that the Russian Ruble is the only legal currency in Novorussia
·        The Novorussians will now export their entire production of coal/anthracite to Russia
·        All the factories in Novorussia will no longer pay taxes to Kiev

There appears to be much more going on that mere recognition of documents.

I don’t know about you – but to me this sure looks like the DNR and LNR are cutting off their last ties to the Ukraine and the junta in Kiev appears to go along with this plan.

In reality, this is all much more complicated.

If events during the Munich Conference weren’t enough to get the global empire and its vassals worked up in a lather, surely these additional steps would have to send them off their rockers.

Then The Saker adds this:

One can judge of the seriousness of these developments by the truly Herculean efforts made by the western corporate media not to notice them. Even the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, who was in Kiev yesterday, was focusing exclusively on the upcoming Eurovision competition, and not on the dramatic developments taking place in the southeast.

I did a search: “russia recognize donbass documents.”  I get several dozen hits; in the first few pages, only two come from any recognizable western source: Reuters and the UK Independent.  No CNN, New York Times, or BBC.

The Saker attributes this lack of coverage by the mainstream media to a desire to hide the futility of western states to do anything about Russia’s actions and the situation in Ukraine – especially eastern Ukraine.  Basically, the west is embarrassed.

This western futility of action in eastern Ukraine is certainly so; yet western rhetoric and threat never holds any such concerns.  Being “embarrassed” never stopped the west from pressing on. 

So I wonder: given the emotional anti-Russian hysteria in the United States, why not use this news as another way to dump on Trump?  “See what happens when the West plays nice with Russia?  They work to rebuild empire.” 

Munich had many rabid anti-Russia speakers; did they miss this news, somehow?  Not likely. 

These warmongering speakers have had two weeks to digest the news.  What are they waiting for?

Which brings me to my question: why not?  Why aren’t these recent events generating significant media coverage in the west?  Why aren’t the anti-Trump, anti-Russia politicians making hay with this “takeover”?

Why not?


  1. My reason is that the Eastern Europeans are just about fed up with Brussels and the EU in general and in particular the immigration policies and the Russian Sanctions(They can't use coal or nuclear fuel to generate electricity so that leaves Russian gas until the USA can install a different dictatorship in Syria and build the gas pipelines and not have them blown up by terrorists maniacs.).

    The Eastern Europeans are also not excited about the USA policies as they are first to get nuked and except for the idiots in three tiny Baltic Countries, understand that the new Anti-Ballistic Missile System will not be installed to protect Warsaw, Prague or Bucharest if it even works at all.

    1. This is all reasonable, but it doesn't explain the silence in the western media... or if it does, I guess I don't understand the connection that you are making.

  2. The Saker and the Russian government calls the Ukrainian regime "nazi" but that isn't really the truth. Some of the Ukrainianians carry WW2 symbols but Ukraine is conspicuously under Jewish leadership, and the "nazi" militias are funded by Ukrainianian Jewish billionaires. They aren't so much National Socialists are they are National Chauvinists.

    The "nazis" are a means to an end. It is the nazi militias who are to accomplish the the conquest and ethnic cleansing of the genetically identical but culturally different Russian speakers of Eastern Ukraine, who then themselves would be liquidated and take the blame for the atrocity.

  3. My take: These latest developments are not reported because the entire matter of the Ukraine coup is simply never reported and is never to be reported. Much like the Fed or western support of ISIS, this entire affair does not really exist in the world of the MSM and that stance has had a very strong and successful impact on the populace. Any mention of these topics even in the most excruciating detail from impeccable sources results in a complete flat lining by the average voter/citizens.

    I have posted news of the Ukrainian coup in real time on Facebook from the Nuland phone call to the Crimean vote and beyond and the results are always a complete non-response.

    Any mention or acknowledgement of these latest twists and turns in Ukraine would undermine the very effective policy of pretending that the entire affair does not exist at all in the true Orwellian sense.

  4. Saker is not as well informed as he makes out. His consistent use of teh term "Ukronazi" is indicative of just how poorly informed he is. It is interseting to note that the rest of "Russian" Ukraine is quoite happy to remain with Kyiv and that it took Russian infiltrators that were sent from Crimea, after its theft, to get the so called 'separatists" started. Until the Russian Army intervened, the "separatists" were being crushed by militias that rose as a result of the Russian provocation.

    Bluntly, the "news" out of Russia on the Donbas is a lie from start to finish. Russian troops are there, and they are not "on vacation" as Putin likes to put it.

    1. Other than his use of the term “Ukronazi,” have I cited something from The Saker with which you specifically disagree?

      “Bluntly, the "news" out of Russia on the Donbas is a lie from start to finish.”

      Are you suggesting that the Russian recognition of Donbass documents is a lie? I would welcome a link.