Monday, March 13, 2017

In the Real World, Yes; In Washington…

…not so fast.

President Donald Trump on Monday warned that Republicans “are putting themselves in a very bad position” by repealing and replacing Obamacare and said that letting it “implode” is still an option.

“The Republicans, frankly, are putting themselves in a very bad position — I tell this to Tom Price all the time — by repealing Obamacare,” Trump said during a White House listening session. “Because people aren’t gonna see the truly devastating effects of Obamacare. They’re not gonna see the devastation. In ’17 and ’18 and ’19, it’ll be gone by then. Whether we do it or not, it’ll be imploded off the map.”

Only in a world where government budget deficits matter.  Is Trump unaware of the history of Social Security and Medicare?  There is no problem created by government that more spending can’t fix…well, at least delay.  Until budget deficits matter, any potential “implosion” can be covered by borrowing and printing.

“I’ve been telling you why don’t we wait, just let it implode and let’s not take the blame,” Trump said…

Wrong-o there, Donald.  Republican president, republican senate, republican congress.  All you needed to do was increase the government subsidy a little and all those poor people would still have affordable coverage.

Who will get the blame?  Those who voted for Trump will blame Trump for not endorsing “repeal” without “replace.”  And those who are against Trump will blame Trump for not increasing the subsidy.

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  1. BM, I know only my own experience, which is that Obamacare is dying in Kansas. There's only one provider left on the exchange and the rates are double what they were 3 years ago, and they are finding new clever ways to reduce coverage (in one of the only bronze plans, if you happen to live on the outskirts of the metro areas, they explicitly exclude doctors inside the city; you must go into the country or you aren't covered. So much for seeing anyone but a rural family practice guy, wink wink.)

    Anyway, to me it looks like might be correct.