Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Watching the River Flow

What’s the matter with me
I don’t have much to say
Daylight sneakin’ through the window
And I’m still in this all-night café
Walkin’ to and fro beneath the moon
Out to where the trucks are rollin’ slow
To sit down on this bank of sand
And watch the river flow
-        Bob Dylan

Forgive me a bit of reflection….

Like Mr. Dylan, I also don’t have much to say but in my case this will not earn a Nobel Prize.  My writing has been rather sparse lately, for the same reasons previously mentioned: my work on the one hand and my continuing reflections and concerns regarding the battle lines drawn between the stakeholders and the subjects on the other.  I will add a reason: events over the last several days – especially, but not only since, Comey’s latest coming out party – have offered me an opportunity to observe.

Not to comment, but observe.  I have commented on these events long before they happened; perhaps this is one reason I am writing so little about events of the last weeks.  Yes, I know it sounds rather like I am tooting my own horn.  Well, you are right.

What does one see when one watches a river flow?  He sees what is ahead of the water yet to come.  He sees the trailing water’s future.

There is a faction of the elite, or the deep state, that does not want to see a continuation of empire as it has progressed in the hands of the United States and the neocons that have consumed its power.  They fear global nuclear annihilation as much as the rest of us do; they see the writing on the wall regarding hegemony, and they prefer a more peaceful resolution – a soft landing, to the extent possible.  This faction is behind Trump. 

It is easy to write these words today, given the latest news from the FBI – I probably see a half-dozen posts a day on this topic, especially since Friday.

I have been writing of the possibility of success for Trump since he first came on the political stage.  But I have been writing of the possibility of a Trump by any name for some time before this.  Perhaps one of my earliest posts on this point, almost three years old now:

This [a war between the US, Russia and China] would certainly be a fatal war for humanity, as it runs the risk of becoming a nuclear war – and any one of the three major players has an arsenal powerful enough to turn the earth’s surface into an uninhabitable moonscape for countless centuries.

And it is precisely for this reason that I do not envision such a possibility – an overt war between and among such nuclear super-powers – except by accident.  The elite of the west gain nothing by this and stand to lose everything.  Of what good is it to the elite to either a) be dead, and their bloodline with them, or b) live in a fallout-proof bunker for the next few centuries?

The elite will take a step back from their grand schemes before they make this choice of overt war amongst nuclear armed super-powers.

Hillary represents the same path; Trump offers the possibility of a change in direction.  There is a faction of the elite that doesn’t want to continue down the same path.  Nothing is certain – as there are powerful forces on all sides of this issue: the United States over empire or empire over the United States. 

I do not say I came up with this idea first – we all stand on the minds and thoughts of others; you all know how much of my writing is driven by interpreting or otherwise consolidating the views of others.  I am sure it was out there in the alternate (and in some cases mainstream) blogosphere long before I put digits on the screen.

I also do not say it is certain that this faction will win via Trump, but I continue to give Trump every possibility of success.


Watch the river flow
Watchin’ the river flow
Watchin’ the river flow
But I’ll sit down on this bank of sand
And watch the river flow


  1. They don't want a nuclear war, but they do want war. But would they ever consider a ground war with Russia (either in Syria, Iraq, or The Ukraine)? Seems like it would inevitably lead to nuclear war. You'd think they would keep using the ISIS straw-man as long as possible to feed the war machine and join forces with Russia, but on the contrary it seems like tensions between the US and Russia are escalating in this "proxy" war in Syria. I guess the deep state really is divided.

  2. Any thoughts as to the motivation for our involvement in the Middle East? In view of the sustained failure –I truly can’t identify a single worthwhile result-, there seems to be sub-rosa motivations. Whatever they are they are clearly not for the benefit of the American citizen.

    1. My thoughts? All Anglo-empire wars have been supported by one consistent thread for at least 100 years. It is all explained by MacKinder, and this is true for all US involvement in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East.

      Control of the global island - Russia and China.

  3. "What does one see when one watches a river flow? He sees what is ahead of the water yet to come. He sees the trailing water’s future."

    Geeez, B.M., you maybe should get a Nobel.