Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tone Deaf Obama

Athens, Greece (CNN) — President Barack Obama said Tuesday that Donald Trump tapped into a "troubling" strain of rhetoric playing on Americans' fears of globalization to win the presidency.

Speaking in Athens, Obama said he recognized an "anger and fear in the American population" over threats of mechanization and globalization, but that Republican officials didn't use facts when making their case about the US economy.

Please read again precisely where Obama made these comments.  Consider that it is perhaps Greece that has suffered the longest and hardest under the weight of the centralization and globalization effort of the connected elites. 

Obama – as has every elite mouthpiece and tool over the last year – has added fuel to the populist backlash via this statement in this location.

I say: GO BARACK!!!!!


  1. Surely he knows his comments will fan the flames blazing in Europe, all right before some critical upcoming elections. You say, "Go Barack!!!!!" I say, "Why now?" And "How is this a benefit to him (them)?"

  2. When left to his own devices, his usefulness waning, he reveals he really is dumb as a rock. His only advantage ever was the amount of melanin in his skin. May the truth about him & family be revealed to the masses sooner than later.

    1. "His only advantage ever was the amount of melanin in his skin".


  3. This will help Trump no end, Obama is the same degenerate lying useless JOKE he always was.

  4. Empty suit with a pen.