Sunday, May 29, 2016

Libertarian Party Avoids Choosing a Libertarian

Orlando, Florida (CNN) — Libertarians on Sunday selected former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson as their party's presidential nominee, at their party convention in Orlando, Florida.

Johnson was the party's nominee in 2012 and once again won the position despite backlash from the party's more radical Libertarian wing.

Imagine: the “libertarian wing” of the Libertarian Party is considered the radical wing.

Writes Murray Rothbard (with the best view in the house): ROTFLMAO


  1. Nothing worse than a libertarian describing himself as 'Socially liberal, fiscally conservative'.

  2. BM,

    How do you account for the sorry state of the LP and the general trend away from Rothbard's libertarianism?

    What happened to this?

    1. UC, I would only be speculating, and that based on the contradictions inherent in libertarian theory and political action.

      This is why Ron Paul as a "teacher" worked so well in 2008 and 2012.

      There are a few people in that picture that could write the story with great insight - they have lived through it all. Maybe one day, one of them will.

    2. Having run for office for the Libertarian Party of Michigan off and on from 1980 to 2012, I recall saying in 1989 that the entire planet will come to worship Rothbard before the LP gets it all together.

      The short version of what is wrong: They are a bunch of socially inept geeks in charge of an operation that is a democracy. There is no single minded CEO around to lead the troops. Just a million cats who won’t and/or can’t get into formation.

      I suspect that Ron Paul finds it easier to deal with the Republicans during primary season than dealing with the LP while being their candidate. For all we know, this crowd of LP delegates would have picked Johnson over Ron Paul. Or Bob Barr over Ron Paul.

      Finally, I suspect that they are at least as hostile to private neighborhoods (especially those run by conservative Christians or Democrats who would ban guns from them) as the average Democrat. What else explains 40 years of refusal to engage in any outreach to conservative religious people? Legalizing drugs while changing nothing else means that meth cookers can move next door and their kids will go to government school with your kids. A wonderful vision of the future to sell to America.

  3. The LP will not stop nominating Republicans until more libertarian libertarians put out the effort to get involved in the nominating process. I did my bit, did you? Johnson only got 55% and the opposition looked pretty firm at that point. A 100 more "radicals" and 100 fewer Johnson supporters at the convention would have been more than enough to stop him.