Monday, May 30, 2016

Brexit and a Silent Europe

David Cameron has asked EU leaders to keep out of the Brexit debate as millions of British citizens prepare to vote on their future in the European Union.

It seems anything the mainstream centralizing bureaucrats advocate for is worthy of derision by the people.

When it comes to defending the European Union, the Luxembourger doesn't usually hold his tongue for long…. The reason is that Juncker had to promise British Prime Minister David Cameron that the EU executive branch would stay out of the Brexit debate. Officials in Brussels have a miserable reputation in Britain….

Thirty-thousand EU bureaucrats have been paralyzed, none daring to say or do anything prior to the June 23 vote:

All initiatives are anxiously examined to determine whether they might provide ammunition for Brexit supporters.

They obviously don’t care about public reaction to their initiatives otherwise.

Juncker even personally asked each of his 27 commissioners to use "common sense" during any visits to Britain.

They obviously don’t care about common sense otherwise.

Maybe EU countries could establish a rotating calendar of “exit” votes, one per year.  This could paralyze Brussels permanently.

One of the victims of this caution has been chief EU diplomat Federica Mogherini, who has spent recent months crafting the EU Global Strategy…. Mogherini has now been forced to push her presentation back to June 24.

If the EU bureaucrats so fear the public reaction to their policy initiatives, why would they pursue these in any case?  (I know the answer.  Of course they normally are unconcerned about public reaction.)

They don’t even want to hold a regularly scheduled summit meeting before the vote:

EU member-state leaders have also become infected with the Brexit virus. They had originally planned to hold their regularly scheduled summit, organized months in advance, on June 23 and 24. There is certainly no lack of pressing issues, but because of the referendum, the summit is now taking place a week later.


This same situation has been seen in the United States over the last year with Trump.  The more he has been attacked by the mainstream, the stronger his support. 

Maybe people are getting a little tired of being told what to do and how to think.  The bigger victory will be on the horizon when they see that their new “saviors” are really not much better than the old.


  1. Hopefully the British will see wisdom, and vote themselves out of the EU. And hopefully the votes will be counted honestly.

  2. The rescheduling alone, which displays such dishonesty, should make the Brits more angry. We'll see...

  3. More from Hornberger:

    1. I saw it. I am not sure I will reply as we are talking past each other. Whether because I am a poor communicator or otherwise, Hornberger either ignores or misrepresents my main points.

      So I will think about what I want to do with this.

    2. BM,

      No one should ever say that you are a poor communicator or that you are uncharitable to your detractors.

      I am sure you will do what you think is best, but this is a really important issue. I would love to see a response and I believe others would to.

    3. Thank you. I likely will respond.

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