Friday, May 13, 2016

Any Ideas?

You will recall the FIFA scandal – as if it was news that international football had a dark side involving backroom deals and bags of cash.  For some reason the US government was involved in the investigations and arrests of officials governing a sport barely noticed in the US, with their home base in Zurich.

Today, a new Secretary General is selected to govern FIFA:

FIFA broke new ground by appointing a Senegalese United Nations official as its first female and first non-European secretary general on Friday.

Female, black.

Fatma Samoura has no experience working in sports…

No experience in sports.

But Samoura, who speaks French, English, Spanish, and Italian, appears to have no experience dealing with commercial deals and broadcasters — a key part of the job as FIFA's top administrator.

No experience in commercial transactions.

There is more to this story than equal employment laws on steroids.

Was this the plan all along?  Is this why the arrests were made in the first place?

Perhaps international governing bodies are gradually going to be moved under UN auspices? 

Is it as simple as FIFA making a hire that buys cover?  Someone with no business experience such that the money skimming can continue under the shield provided by political correctness?

What is it?  Any ideas?


  1. Sportsball is a tool of the enemy. There are a lot of people who don't follow political and economic commentary but watch sportsball. Every time I see a game on TV there is always something pushing The Narrative.

    "Perhaps international governing bodies are gradually going to be moved under UN auspices?"

    That is most likely what is happening. The propaganda arm of world government will attempt to reproduce globally what has been accomplished in the West. The strategy is to use power to create the impression that all right thinking people world-wide accept The Narrative. Propaganda 101.

    1. UC, well at least Captain America did not submit the use of his powers to the UN in Civil War - unlike that corporatist-statist Tony Stark.

      Should we assume that Captain America's decidedly libertarian position is only so much controlled opposition?

  2. One of the techniques of con men is to get acquainted with a person with a certain reputation within a community. He would then use the name of that person as a reference when introducing himself to another sucker. "I was just discussing this idea with John Doe and he thought it was great. He's indicated that he'll match any other investment (or some such twaddle). Notice there is no paper trail, just an "indicator". John Doe has no idea that his name is being used. He's a kind of "beard". Same basic principle here. The less she knows the better (for the con artists). And no one can assault her correctness bona fides. To challenge the organisation's finances would be sexist AND racist.

  3. I think I just restated your premise, Bionic. Sorry. Too many cocktails twixt reading and commenting.

  4. Not long ago, I found myself in a different life than I do today. It wasn't a pleasant one, and I couldn't be happier to be this far away from it.

    I was in an industry that was all too happy to seize the next big federal contract. Even better if there was a baked in tax credit.

    Though the industry I was in wasn't exclusive to Wind Energy, this industry was a major stakeholder.

    Spoiler Alert: Wind Farms are one of the biggest scams out there right now. Most folks seem to understand the maintenance cost is high, but the cost of logistics, labor, and raw material to make these things make maintenance look like a drop in the bucket. This is why Wind Farm development grinds to a halt whenever its tax credit gets threatened. What's funny and sad - major participants in this sector /know/ it's a sham, and gloat about it to varying degrees. Of course, there's even propaganda funding efforts.

    Bottom line, there's lots of money involved for almost everyone involved at each stage of production. Tax Credits, Union Dues, overtime, the wages themselves (which can get up there, these are amounts that make "Fight for Fifteen" sound reasonable by comparison) etc. etc. etc.

    Then there's the manipulation. Example: "Oh shucks, it needs to be minority owned." The pecking order for preferred minorities are (at least, so it was in the industry I speak of - I'm not sure what applies everywhere):

    -Native Americans
    -Black/African American -- Or Hispanic
    -So on, some such

    So these companies add an "owner". Or for the larger companies where this isn't feasible at the corporate level, a branch manager or managers. They're looking for a guy that matches the minority criteria, and on top of that this individual has to be:

    - A dunce, who isn't necessarily going to be disciplined in the finer points of what money is going where. He'll be too distracted by his paycheck to ask anyway.
    - Someone who's going to play ball, on their field, with their rules.

    Then, you have the varying layers of "crookery" in between all of this. Consider the stereotype of Mobster-run Unions and companies and that's pretty much it.

    Naturally, I only ever saw this when there was some sort of Public Sector involvement.

    What's my point? More or less the same as BM's: Sometimes letting someone who's ignorant run the show works out for the folks who are really calling the shots.

    1. Wow! Nice analysis there....the 20th Century Western Oligarchs have vast wicked/deceitful strategies at their beckoning call...and so many willing technocrats to put the soft tyranny into motion.

    2. Isn't that also how we "choose" our Presidents?

    3. Cap'N Mike:

      I can think of no better way to fool several someones into thinking that they're actually prosperous. It keeps them coming back whenever easy revenue gets threatened.

      Folks keep talking about how interesting this election is. It may be, but I'm more interested in what an election looks like when the punch bowl is empty and we're out of mixers.

    4. Black Flag, thank you for channeling your inner John Galt and waving bye-bye to the crony capitalist company that employed you.

  5. FIFA probably figures the FBI will lay off with a bona fide victim group member at the helm.