Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Constitution: A Dead Letter

Chapter 2,198,473

The Anti-Trump hysteria knows no bounds – a crazy man (i.e. one that may not be controllable) may very well take control of the most powerful office in the world.

The US Constitution offers, in Article II, Section 2, exactly 223 words that specifically address the duties and powers of the president.  I count 5 duties, three of which the Senate has control or at least influence.

The US Constitution offers, in Article I, Sections 7 & 8, exactly 744 words that specifically address the duties and powers of congress.  I count 19 duties.

I am no Constitutional expert – if you come up with different numbers, I won’t argue.  Directionally – and in relative importance – I think there is nothing to argue about.


What is there to fear of Trump?  Congress is in charge, if they exercise their authority.

But we know the answer.


  1. That people don't understand that the president
    should be basically persona non grata,and not a dictator is real frightening?

  2. Because everyone is on the hook of the fascist kings and their dominion over the monopolized money supply/production regardless of its economic perversion. As long as I gots mines...then it's all honkey dory and partake in the collectivist drivel of all things national...and throw out that feel good word "Constitution" once in a while to the rubes so as they feel like they have a say in the "Big Lie" known as democracy or representative government.

    1. Exactly!!! I love to mess with people who tout the
      constitution and wrap themselves in the flag.

      When asked..."are you willing to educate your own
      kids,give up your credit card,0% car loans, subsidies of every sort, and licensing monopolies....regulatory laws???

      ..................."What does that have to do with it"