Thursday, March 3, 2016

Republican Panic Attack

Rapid heartbeat pounding through my chest
Agitated body in distress
I feel like I'm in danger
Daily life is strangled by my stress

A stifling surge
Shooting through all my veins
Extreme apprehension
Suddenly I'm insane

Lost all hope for redemption
A grave situation desperate at best

-        John Petrucci, Dream Theater

Watching various commentators, Republicans of all stripes, supposed intellectuals, international sources, etc., react to The Donald is wonderfully hilarious. 

I offer the following, from Bill Bonner:

…when he quotes Robert Kagan, a war-mongering Washington insider and Deep State mouthpiece, telling us that Trump is the “GOP’s Frankenstein monster,” we begin to feel a warm affection arising for The Donald.

This captures my sentiment exactly.  He has turned what would otherwise be a yawn-fest into the most entertaining election in my lifetime.  More than “The Donald,” it is the reaction of everyone else from which I take enjoyment.

I won’t go through any of the reactions in detail – easier to read Lew Rockwell’s Political Theater for a thorough rundown.  Well, I will offer just one: today they thought prancing Mitt Romney would somehow sway the masses!  From his speech:

…let me put it very plainly. If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.

Making fun of Trump supporters to shame them into changing their minds has never worked in the past – it has had the opposite effect.  Does Mitt get it?

He’s playing the members of the American public for suckers.

Apparently not – you are too stupid to know what you are doing, just ask Mitt.

What is their plan?  Take it from Romney:

Now, I know that some people want this race to be over. They look at history and say a trend like Mr. Trump’s isn’t going to be stopped. Perhaps. But the rules of political history have pretty much all been shredded during this campaign.

So much is hidden in that “Perhaps.”  Like “perhaps” Republicans will steal the nomination at the convention or “perhaps” Republicans will go third party or “perhaps” Republicans will advocate support for Hillary. 

Any of these will mark the death of the Republican Party.  This is enough for any election to accomplish, however these dimbulbs might accomplish even more: they might flex so much muscle that that they make evident to even the most flag-worshipping kool-aid drinker that everything they believed about democracy was a sham.

That would really be juicy.

It still seems to me that some powerful people want Trump to win.  Not just the nomination, but the general election.  No one is letting Hillary off the hook for her emails.


  1. Right now, if they are paying close attention, the American people are getting a lesson in what democracy really means. Again.

  2. What the Republican establishment can't or won't comprehend is that not just Republicans but most Americans are sick and tired of our in-your-face governments at all levels pushing and slapping us around, messing with our lives, taxing us, fining us, spying on us and criminalizing peaceful behavior.

    Americans are angry that pompous bureaucrats are compensating themselves handsomely at our expense while demanding that we repeatedly seek their permission to go about our daily lives. We despair over our stagnant standard of living while watching politically connected operators thrive at taxpayers' expense. Americans are finally waking up to the fact that their government is going abroad to find frivolous reasons to kill foreigners in order to create new enemies to justify unnecessary military spending and a domestic police state.

    And who are the Republican elite offering us as candidates for President? They are putting up politicians who have a history of collaborating in our oppression and robbery!

    The secret to Trump's phenomenal success is that he is a self made billionaire and not a career politician. He has a history of making jobs, not killing them. He understands that war is generally bad for business and would reign in the empire. He has tapped into the ordinary American's soul, and, however imperfectly, he is colorfully articulating Americans' unfocused rage against the political class ruining their lives. Trump is perceived by scores of millions of voters as the spokesman for their pent-up resentments and frustrations against the business as usual that the swindling and lying political class is everywhere trying to foist on them.

  3. "It still seems to me that some powerful people want Trump to win. Not just the nomination, but the general election."

    I agree. Either way, he and his backers are clearly outsiders to the current ruling elite of the Republican party. The neocons are in a fight for their very survival. If Trump becomes the next President, his cabinet choices will reveal all.

  4. In a December interview with Trump on the Alex Jones Show, Jones discretely mentions in passing that he is aware of powerful people in government and the military who are alarmed over the direction of the country and are quietly backing Trump. Jones, of course, mentions no names and Trump neither confirms nor denies this remark.

    Such silent backers, if they exist, obviously have no need to offer Trump money. So what does their covert backing mean to his campaign? Will they, along with high profile business and cultural figures come out of the closet once Trump is nominated and lend their prestige to his campaign? Since the visible bipartisan political elites are loudly anti Trump, his unexpected success so far might mean that there is a hidden rift in the ranks of the powers that be over the direction of the country.

    In his interview Trump asserts that eight or even four more years of political business as usual will irreparably damage the country. He proclaims that he is in this to win the White House in order to make America great again and has no desire to be a spectator to the destruction of the country by corruption and incompetence.

    1. Thank you for the Alex Jones comment.

      "...his unexpected success so far might mean that there is a hidden rift in the ranks of the powers that be over the direction of the country."

      In any bureaucratic organization, political backstabbing and infighting is the way to advance - and ensure your competition doesn't advance. These are the ugliest environments in which to work - "the worst get on top" is not merely a statement for us outsiders looking in; it is true on the inside. The more bureaucratic the more true this is.

      I think it is always true in government. However, it is more visible at some times vs. others. If this is all true about Trump, we may be witnessing one of the more visible occurrences.