Sunday, March 20, 2016

Crocodile Tears

Thousands of US government employees under permanent surveillance are being investigated for signs of “greed”, “ego”, money worries, disgruntlement or other flaws in the hope of intercepting the next big official leak, according to a document obtained by Chelsea Manning.

The government has already put about 100,000 military and civilian employees and contractors under what it calls “continuous evaluation”…

Oh, this is so terribly sad.  Poor government employees, the ones who fly drones from the comfort of air-conditioned offices 10,000 miles from the war-zone, the ones who travel 10,000 miles to do the killing, those who make the weapons with which they kill, the ones who enforce the tax code, those play monetary gods at the Fed, and especially those who are paid to spy on the rest of us…those poor souls are being spied on by their cubicle mates.

I am getting all verklempt.  Please give me a moment while I compose myself.

OK, that’s better. 

I have one word of advice for those being put upon in such a manner by their employer:



  1. So, explain to me how Chelsea gets possession of these docs?
    Anyhow, yeah, tough s&&&T, stop whinin' and quit. (hey, it rhymes!)

  2. Bradley Manning. They tortured him so much and he broke in so many ways, including his gender identify confusion.