Sunday, October 18, 2015

Peter King Blames George Bush for 911

I know you think it was Trump, but I don’t read this in Trump’s statements:

"When you talk about George Bush, I mean — say what you want — the World Trade Center came down during his time," Trump said.

Was Bush not president at the time?

“He was president, okay?" Trump responded. "Blame him or don’t blame him, but he was president. The World Trade Center came down during his reign.”

Bush was president – is there something controversial in this?  Blame him or don’t blame him – the listener can decide.  Of course, this is blasphemy in the land of spoon-fed narrative.

And the most truth in the entire statement: referring to the president’s term as a “reign.”

But what does this have to do with Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee?

"Anyone who has any real knowledge of that — you can get all the CIA people, all of the career people — no one saw the attack of 9/11 coming. And to blame George Bush for what happened on September 11...shows a lack of knowledge and is too much of a cheap shot at the president."

No one saw it coming?  Whose fault is that?  Trump’s?

There you have it: Peter King blames George Bush for 9/11.  Of course, there are those who believe Bush deserves blame for different reasons.


  1. Where in Peter King's statement does he blame Bush?

    1. I will be even more explicit, quoting King: " one saw the attack of 9/11 coming..."

      Who is in charge of the most extensive national security / spy network in the history of the world? Who has executive responsibility for every agency in the federal government charged with securing against such attacks?

      With a trillion dollars or more per year spent on national defense and national security, how did nineteen know-nothings (supposedly) pull this off?

      Who is responsible? Ask Jeb - he says he brother kept us safe - except, of course, for when he didn't.

    2. “No one saw the attack of 9/11 coming…” Check out John P. O’Neill, World Trade Center security chief and drummed-out government agent.


    3. Anyone who is the slight bit intellectually honest, and makes a cursory glance at the evidence.Knows that it was elements within
      are government that orchestrated it.

      I do believe that Bush was as surprised as anybody.
      Here is a guy, that couldn't find his way home at night.
      Do you really think he was complicit in the planning?

      Ray Charles can see that?

    4. owyhee

      I have burned into my mind the stunned look on Bush's face in that schoolroom when he was pulled aside; then again, he looked like that most of the time, so....

      Perhaps he knew, perhaps he didn't - but those who did know knew that he would be compliant. In any case, it is an incontrovertible truism that Bush was in charge of and responsible for all of the agencies whose charter is (supposedly) to protect from just such events.

    5. Neither Bush nor those in his government who were paid to see things coming saw the 9/11 attacks coming even as they were coming! Hijacked planes were flying around for a few hours and no one had the presence of mind to order fighter jets scrambled to intercept them. Even the squadron stationed at Andrews Air Force Base about 10 miles from the Pentagon sat on the ground as the Pentagon, presumably the best defended building on earth was struck. Yet according to a cabinet member who was present, Cheney was kept updated on the approach of that plane.

      No one was prosecuted for failing to see and what came as it was coming. No one lost his job over this failure. Worst of all, no one was even sent to bed without dinner for their shortcomings. As so often happens in the government sector, some in the chain of command were given promotions by their colleagues for failing to see what was coming.

      One exculpatory explanation for the government's many failures that day was that the Air Force was carrying out an exercise simulating airplane high jackings. How clever of that guy in a cave thousands of miles away to stage his meticulously planned terror attack at a moment when it would maximally confuse America's air defense.

      It was with great reluctance that the Bush administration, under intense public pressure, saw fit to even investigate why no one saw what was coming. The money allocated to this historic investigation was less than that spent peering into Clinton's naughty escapade with Monica.

    6. You will have to do better than that cowboy.

      1.stock market/Put options
      2.building 7
      4.improbable architectural failure
      .......and 100 more

      If it were a matter of "failure" they would make some in are favor.

      This was premeditated all the way.

  2. Agreed,I was just speaking rhetorically. Innocent he is not.

    Waiting for Seagraves Yamashita's Gold post??

    Thanks, for all your work