Saturday, October 17, 2015

Islamic Victory in Europe

I was intending to write a fiction account.  From the perspective of some future date, perhaps 50 or 100 years from now, the telling of the tale of the Muslim conquest of Europe.  As opposed to the methods employed a thousand years ago, this conquest was accomplished relatively peacefully.  In fact, the victors were invited, housed, fed, and clothed by the earlier residents of the land.

As an aside: It is not my place to cheer or boo these events.  Politicians make choices, people choose to ignore or otherwise live with the choices made by their so-called leaders – and the potential consequences of these choices.

Of course, I will boo the causes behind the events: the west turned the Middle East and North Africa into a living hell for those who lived (or continue to live) in the region.

To the extent that the migrants are refugees, it is quite understandable that they would flee in search of peace – flee, in fact, to the very countries that contributed to the chaos from which they fled (another interesting twist that I would have woven into the fiction account that I was going to write). 

I was going to write this fiction account.  Now I am not.  While poking around for some background material I found the following:

We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.
Muammar Gaddafi, 10 April 2006

What could I write to follow this?

Other than…the West has been actively self-inflicting wounds for one-hundred years now.  That western culture has survived (to one degree or another) this long is a testament to the extensive and rich cultural heritage built on 1700 years.


  1. 'fiction' is a noun. 'Fictional' is an adjective

  2. Ever heard of this book? Written in 1973! Highly recommended:


  3. I think it's incorrect to think of Islam as a monolith and of all Muslims as alike. Mr. Mosquito, you sound like those people here in the US who think the Reconquista is a real thing. Islam is one of the three major religions in the world, with over a billion followers. Are they all monsters? Come on, now.

    The larger issue, methinks, is how many of them came from the Middle East and have brought with them that kind of culture? A Bulgarian Muslim and a Saudi have little in common, IMHO. The irony of progressive Europeans welcoming deeply conservative Arabs is striking. Do they not realize that these people will naturally behave just as they did at home, toward women for example? Western men are - how do I put this? - restrained in their behavior toward women. Middle Eastern men by all accounts are not.

    Igor Karbinovskiy

    1. Igor

      I am quite surprised by your comment. You have been here often enough to know (I thought) not to draw such a conclusion about me.

      If this came from an anonymous crackpot, I would ignore it. But from you? I am truly stunned.

      Anyway, read the Gaddafi quote again - take your criticism up with him.

    2. I was also stunned when I read your post. Well, maybe I misread or misunderstood it. Looking at the title to the post, particularly the word "victory", I got the impression that you saw a wave of invading Muslims and were lamenting the conquest of Europe. It seemed like the sort of hyperbole employed to describe the Mexican immigrants here in the US.

      Nothing is more natural than for people to flee from unbearable conditions toward a better life. Why, I'm an immigrant myself.


    3. Igor, the topic is complicated on many levels. There is a cultural component - and culture includes, but is not in any way limited to, the religious. There is the personal component - for both those fleeing calamity and those already living in the destination locations; this personal component for both sets of actors is as varied as there are individuals within each group. There is the geo-political component - that of western governments turning the world of the MENA region into a hell on earth.

      In the end, the only appropriate solution to this issue will be found in a completely private-property society. All else leads to conflict.

      We see European society and culture going through fairly significant changes - this issue is only one small piece of that change - a change brought on via Europe's self-inflicted wounds.

      My shorthanded way of introducing this topic can in no way capture all of this.

  4. I wonder how many Europeans (and Americans) demanding that these immigrants be expelled, understand that the immigrants are fleeing destructive wars inflicted on their homelands by Western military intervention which is largely supported by the West's people? Furthermore how many Europeans understand that population increases via immigration is their national leaders' only option to save their precious, pay-as-you-go welfare systems?

    So as their culture faces a mortal danger, Europeans must face the fact that they have foolishly brought this situation upon themselves. What will it be, war for national glory or the preservation of Western culture? The cradle-to-grave welfare state or the preservation of Western culture? They must choose Western culture or the other. They can't have both!

  5. In 100 years there will be relatively few people of European origin left. No country will have an ethnic European demographic majority. People in the future will have a hard time believing there was ever a time of European strength and progress.

    1. You have no way of knowing whether this will be true. Perhaps you meant to qualify your statement with something like "if current trends continue."?

    2. Not really. There is no need for current trends to continue for this to take place. Demographically it is already baked in and the level of immigration merely advances or slows down the time line.

    3. Matt,

      I'm not saying that I necessarily disagree with you, only that without a qualifier(s), no one can say with any specificity what will be. Stating what is probable is not the same as stating what is possible. That is all.