Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Timeline to War

For those wondering why I have disappeared for so long....

About a week ago I decided it was important for me to begin building a timeline of events for the period leading up to World War II.  I begin with only one section from the book “1939 – The War That Had Many Fathers.”  What a time consuming decision! 

I don’t know what further, if anything, I will do with this information.  I might build on it as I read more about this history.  I might go back to the several books I have already read on this subject and capture the information here.  I might do nothing.

I have not attempted to create any narrative; I am merely trying to capture events in the order they occurred.  In some cases, this proved quite difficult – toward the last weeks, even the time of day was important.

In any case, here it is.  If I add anything substantial, I will post a note on the blog.  Items in parenthesis refer to book:page.

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