Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Daily Bell, RIP

[Updated since original posting; see below]

Effective 16 July 2013 The Daily Bell has ceased publishing new material. It will remain online as an archived educational resource. The editors wish to thank Daily Bell readers and members for previous participation.

With that note in the banner, and a final editorial by Anthony, The Daily Bell is no more.

My relationship with DB goes back more than three years.  I have no idea how I first came upon the site; perhaps something at LRC?  Needless to say, it was an eye-opening experience. Certainly, it was clear to me that things in this world were not as they seemed on the surface.  DB helped me to peel away layers from the onion. 

I had, for a time, felt a desire to write, to focus my thinking, and to develop discipline in my reasoning.  There is nothing like a conversation on the internet to bring out the critics – and at DB, enough of the critics were reasonable and intelligent – sufficient for my purpose.  I learned not only from DB, but also from the feed-backers.

So, after a time, I began posting comments.  Bionic Mosquito was born at The Daily Bell.  But I had a problem – for some reason I couldn’t get more than a few hundred characters through the tube. Very limiting….

For a while I had considered writing a blog.  This was the motivating event.  If my comments couldn’t get through the tube, I would post to my blog and then ask DB to copy from my blog to their comment section.  DB was always very gracious and accommodating in this.

Eventually, I figured out the problem was buried deep in my browser.  I changed browsers…and voila!  But in the meantime, necessity forced me to start this blog.

I truly enjoyed the comment section – as much as the editorials.  Even in this, DB gets the credit – it was the quality of the editorials that attracted quality feedback.  I learned so much through this interaction – aside from a better understanding of the string pullers.  Money, credit, inflation, wars, history, etc. My participation in the dialogue forced me to hone my thinking on these and many other subjects.

Like many feed-backers, my relationship with DB hit a few speed bumps.  I would take some time off from comments, occasionally also some time off from reading.  I never felt the break would be permanent, and it never was.

Saddest of all was when some really good feed-backer would permanently check out – never publicly, just silently.  (Forgive me, as I will forget more names than I remember) John Danforth, Lila Rajiva, Leonardo Pisano, and Adam come to mind.  Fortunately, many stayed on – Abu, gpond, and Dave jr., and Lyn, for example; and new ones joined, like taxes.  Some became quite rare, but still showed up occasionally, like Bluebird and Weeble (in all of his forms).  Always present and active for as far back as I can remember was Bill Ross.  And I can never forget my personal foil – Ingo!

I also remember some of the trolls – Al Kyder comes to mind, a real terrorist towards Lila as I recall.  Say his name with a New England accent and you will see my point.

Eventually, I settled into a nice place with DB – a sign of my development more than anything else.  And because I was forced to take a step that I procrastinated – starting a blog – I began to write more.  In this, I have been truly humbled, with many posts picked up at LRC, a few at EPJ, and even one at Mises!  All of this began with my writing at DB.

But now Anthony tells us that DB is no more.  No surprise: just as when DB stopped taking comments for a time, no reason is given.  Anthony certainly doesn’t owe one, although he developed a site that came to be a community for many.  I suspect there are many that would like to hear something about this decision.

In the meantime, we move on.  Daily Bell, you have provided a valuable service.  You will be missed by many.  Rest in Peace. 

Update: I have received several emails in the few short hours since initially publishing this post reminding me: just a few days ago, Anthony wrote an editorial, promising bigger and better things to come at The Daily Bell:

Here at the Daily Bell, we're positioned to be an honest broker within this emergent market and we'll do our best to fulfill this role in terms of consulting, advisory work and by providing other resources as necessary. We'll certainly make the most of this opportunity on behalf of readers and those who wish to actively advance their interests within the context of the avenues now presenting themselves.

We'll do our best to keep faith with you and to be the same honest broker that we've been regarding the news and analysis that we've provided all along. We're not changing ... just getting better. And bigger. So stay tuned.

There's lots to come.

The sudden shut-down yesterday is even more confusing in light of Anthony’s statement to “keep the faith with you and to be the same honest broker….”


  1. Once more, you find appropriate words, BM. Thanks for this one, thanks for the illuminating exchanges we shared at DB, and thanks for joining me in battle in the depths of quite a few troll infested threads.

    It was the The Daily Bell, of course, that made all of this possible. I knew a thing or two about the way the world really works before I came across DB, alright. There, however, I learned how real freedom works - among some other now indispensable things, I guess. And many a time it was an enlightened feedbacker - you already listed a few - who showed me the way. I will miss them and The Daily Bell a lot.

    Thank you DB, thank you Anthony Wile. Farewell, and may the blessing of Elves and Men and all Free Folk go with you.


  2. I was originally attracted to TDB not only by the thought provoking articles, but, and mainly so, due to the high level of discourse found in the commenters' section. I am a veteran of internet bulletin boards and especially before the first comments lock-out, the level of the commenters was very refreshing.

    This will take some adjustment on my part, as I was a regular reader if only a seldom commenter.

    I have seen other situations on other websites where shutting down abruptly like this would have been the least-worst outcome, given circumstances not generally known to the public. I won't second guess this decision, but rather add my hearty 'thank-you' to the pile.

  3. Now for something completely different:


    The interest-free money crowd believes that they have struck a grave blow to the mind-control-agenda Austrian subversive agents. Wow.. Just wow.

    1. It is certainly a case where the facts fit the story, however it is difficult to imagine it is true.

      Without an understanding coming from Anthony Wile, however, such theories are bound to come out. But again, that is Anthony's business - I remain grateful that he offered such a forum for as long as he did.

    2. Anthony Migchels: "So now they’re actually closing down. Undoubtedly this is a major defeat for Austrianism and a big victory for Interest-Free Economics."

      gpond: Please. This statement is patently ridiculous. (I'm trying to stop laughing until I finish typing.)

      Love TDB as we did, it was hardly a flea on the whisker of "Austrianism", or as we prefer to call it, Austrian Economics. Therefore, it is not possible for it to be anywhere CLOSE to a "major defeat" for Austrian Economics. To push forward and claim that it therefore is a "big victory" for interest-free Economics is also a non-starter as we have no idea why TDB shut down. Were I were to speculate I would guess a withdrawal of funding. But a withdrawal of funding because Interest-Free Economics has now won the intellectual argument!!!???? (REALLY?) (SERIOUSLY??)

      All I see is a (failed) attempt at self-aggrandizement by the author. One that makes me laugh, and thanks for the laugh, guys!!

      The intellectual "battle" is not even about people. It is about ideas.

      The non-usury crowd have a hurdle to climb that has nothing to do with websites and personalities nor associations. (If Bill Bonner was onboard with TDB, I think that is awesome, by the way, I like his books.)

      The Interest-Free money types, (non usury), must deal with Law of Time Preference. They can go nowhere until they overcome the Law of Time Preference. The law says that individuals always prefer a present good to a future good. The implication is (clearly) that a potential lender will not lend at zero interest because he/she will always prefer the money (that he/she owns) now versus having it returned in the future. Not to mention, well yes I'm mentioning it, that only coercion can enforce such a ban. (By coercion, of course I mean violence or the threat thereof.)

      And they can't. The Law of Time Preference is a law of economics and a law of human action.

      As my Professor David Gordon says, you can try to violate economic laws, but you will not like the results.

      I digressed. The article is a hoot, a laugh, and revealing of they that wrote it.

    3. "The Interest-Free money types, (non usury), must deal with Law of Time Preference."

      I believe there is a more fundamental issue. They have no way besides force to stop a willing creditor and a willing debtor.

      I had this dialogue with one of the proponents:



      I knew Migchels more for demurrage currency. Memehunter was also big on this. They, along with others, look to the Miracle of Wörgl. It is all bunk:


  4. Until I bumped into the Daily Bell about three years ago, I quite honestly knew very little about how the world worked and even less about economics. Boy, did that change in a hurry. And as the veils began to drop I knew that as hard as the new insights were that I was taking on - as the elves would say - I could never go back.

    And it wasn't just daily events, economics and history - directed history as I came to see it - that started to undergo paradigm shifts in my mind. I first learned about lots of cool things at the DB like the Electric Universe and the Pyramid Code, which still continue to enthrall me today.

    It was as much the thoughtful, insightful news analysis, incredibly intellectual interviews - that consistently pushed my little threshold on clear, profound thinking - as the dynamic and engaging feedbackers that brought me back everyday for a look and a good read. Reading the DB came to be as much a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth and reading my mail.

    It was a unique and custom and personal website, unlike any other I found on the internet. A real gem. Right now I feel and am struggling with a profound sense of loss.

    A big thank you to Anthony Wile, the elves (All 1,000 of them?) and the feedbackers for enriching my life. You will be deeply missed. Kristen

  5. The Daily Bell performed a wonderful service, and those of us who believed in the good they were doing must find a way to carry the message on. I followed the link gpond provided and had to laugh. It reminded me of the old rooster in the barnyard, crowing, just before he became supper. The only thing they can take credit for is disrupting an otherwise civil dialog. Many may have grown weary of their trolling, and moved on to somewhere free of it.

    The Daily Bell shook the limbs of many nut trees and were bound to feel the lumps on the head as a result. But I would not count them down and out. I hope them well in whatever future tasks they set themselves to, even if it is only personal enrichment. I am forever grateful.

    Re: The former feedbackers. I cannot forget Clayton who wrote so well. As for me, I am still mourning the loss of my son, so I will not be commenting here further. But I did want to thank you, Bionic. I read your articles wherever I find them and have learned much from you. I have missed all of the others you mentioned, especially John D, who made his point well and also made me chuckle. Bluebird

    1. Thank you, Bluebird, and God bless you during this time.

    2. Bluebird,

      Laughter is most appropriate, plus I hear it is good medicine.


  6. Many who never or only rarely commented at The Daily Bell must feel the loss as deeply as do those of us who wrote there often. To me it is like losing a friend, a mentor, a school, a voice. Since we no longer have The Daily Bell, those of us who feel the call of freedom, owe it to the world to be The Daily Bell. From your own perspective, and in your own way, shine the light. taxes

  7. I believe I stumbled upon the Daily Bell through the Daily Reckoning site, but I can't be sure. Regardless I hate to see it go. I definately found the Bionic Mosquito through the Daily Bell and glad I did.

    I truly believe there is an ongoing Internet Reformation thanks to the Mises Institute, Lew Rockwell, Paul Craig Roberts and of course people like the Bionic Mosquito!

  8. Here is a thoughtful 'RIP Daily Bell' posted at Acting Man:


  9. Anthony Wile, Ingo Bischoff, Bionic Mosquito, Clayton, John Danforth, Dave Jr, Bill Ross, and other feedbackers.

    Many thanks to all of you for a priceless education.



  10. Question for Bionic Mosquito. Now that "BrasscheckTV" is shutting down without explanation just like The Daily Bell did ... Do you believe that it may be possible that Libertarian/Freedom Truthers' websites that are regarded as credible are being threatened with bodily harm to the principals' families?
    I still remember Ross Perot's family was threatened by the GHWBush Campaign. A former operative who refused the assignment during the 1992 Presidential Campaign cycle confirmed the rumor in his "tell-all book."
    I really miss The Daily Bell. I hope BrasscheckTV will be able to maintain their archives so we'll be able to review everything they've offered.
    I tried to contact you by email, but a Google pop-up interfered. Even when I would write comments on "The Daily Bell"... what I wrote would be "mangled" on my screen after I posted and most all of their articles would be distorted/confused in a systematic way. When I would read it at the library... everything would be fine. Amazingly, this problem only occurred with "The Daily Bell." I sent TDB information concerning the matter that included certain words being replaced with "non-sense verbiage" on my screen. I thought they had "a software problem." I still believe that TPTB were "messing with them"/their subscribers.
    I value your insights and feedback! Thank you for all your hard-work along the way of the never-ending "Truth-seeking Journey!"
    Regards; Robert Eastman

    1. Robert, thank you for the kind words.

      As to your question, I have no idea. I suspect if it has come to such threats it means that those working in the cause of freedom and against state growth and reach are making far more progress with the general public than seems visible to me!

  11. Thank you for your timely reply!
    Narcissistic Psychopaths are cursed with the obsession to have total control in every situation even when it is needless. Richard Nixon's 1972 election campaign is a prime example.
    I agree with you that generally speaking, Americans care less about losing their Constitutional Rights than "what's for dinner," "what's on TV tonight" or their favorite sports teams'/stars' current performance.
    My only hope is (in God, and) that righteous, courageous men and women who know TRUTH continue to proclaim it!
    Cordially; Robert Eastman

  12. Anthony Wile managed a web site for a time prior to TDB. I forgot the name, but the themes covered were similar to those of TDB. It also had a lively, erudite comments section to which I had frequently contributed. This site too suddenly disappeared, and after some time was resurrected as TDB with a much greater emphasis on the machinations of hidden powers who direct history by floating manipulative memes.

    In the early years of TDB, I had spent much time (perhaps too much time!) reading and commenting. Although I was familiar with Anthony Sutton's and Murray Rothbard's writings on directed history, Wile's take on this was extreme to say the least and quite exhilarating. Yet after a time the excitement of this intellectual novelty wore off for me, and I found myself spending less time with TDB and more time ruffling the feathers and boxing the ears of know-nothings on mainstream sites of one kind or another.

    Perhaps that's one way for libertarian ideas to percolate into the wider culture. Libertarians will make little impact on events if we converse only with each other. Once we become intellectually empowered by sites such as TDB and LRC, we can use those ideas to employ the tactics of the Power Elites and traverse the internet planting memes - the memes of liberty.

    1. It will be nice if Anthony pops up once again after a short break....

  13. Hi guys,
    Im a rare poster from DB. I too will miss it.
    I certainly learn much from all of you.
    IT is good from a stupid man to evolve.