Monday, July 22, 2013

Suggestions for the Pope

The Pope is concerned about youth unemployment:

Widespread youth unemployment is creating a generation of the jobless, Pope Francis said Monday, setting the tone for a weeklong visit to Brazil that marks the first foreign trip of his papacy.

The Argentine pope, speaking to reporters at the start of a 12-hour flight to Rio de Janeiro, criticized labor markets that he said treated young people as "disposable."

"We risk having a generation that hasn't held a job. Personal dignity comes from working, from earning your bread," the pope said. "Young people are in a crisis."

I have a few suggestions for the Pope.  Very humbly offered:

  • Eliminate minimum wage laws.
  • Eliminate statutes giving unions extra-market power.
  • Eliminate financial and administrative burdens for laying-off employees and otherwise restructuring a workforce.
  • Eliminate central banking, the root of the boom-bust cycle that has devastated the global economy.

That would be a start.

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