Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Booing the Golden Rule


Every week I look forward to the latest column from Chuck Baldwin.  He is one of the few Christian leaders who publicly speaks out against war, and he is one of even fewer who will publicly speak out against the worship of the state of Israel by many Christians who have embraced the Scofield heresy.

In his column from May 15, he addressed several comments from an interview with Larry Johnson on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s channel (by the way, I strongly recommend the judge’s channel for those interested in well-reasoned alternative commentary on the issues of the day).

The following comments struck me:

I’m not exaggerating when I say that not only is Israel losing credibility and legitimacy all over the world but so are America’s evangelical churches.

I have been thinking about this same point.  Countless thousands of young people, many of whom likely not at all Christian, are speaking out against Israel’s policies regarding the Palestinians.  And what they are seeing, not only from their politicians and school administrators, but also from many Christian churches, is support for these horrendous actions.

This is not how to witness.  There is nothing Christian about this.

Further, Baldwin commented on the warmonger Lindsey Graham, who decided brining up American’s nuclear bombs on Japan as precedent for all manner of evil. 

I find it incredible that this bloody vampire has been a senator from South Carolina for over 20 years. Why do I say that? Because South Carolina has more evangelical churches and evangelical Christian people per capita than any State in the United States. South Carolina is the home of the flagship evangelical university: Bob Jones University in Greenville. Yet, these evangelical Christians are content and happy to elect and re-elect and re-elect again the most bloodthirsty senator in American history.

Yes, everything Baldwin says about the size of the evangelical population of South Carolina is correct.  But that they continue to elect Graham should be no surprise.  I recall very well what a crowd from South Carolina did when Ron Paul spoke there during a presidential debate in 2012:

Ron Paul is pushing back against critics of his "Golden Rule" in foreign policy and questioned those who booed him at Monday's GOP presidential debate.

"This is why I bring up the "the golden rule" if we don't want people to ban oil imports to our country, why should we do that to another country," said Paul adding "I don't know why that is such a negative term for people to boo that. "

South Carolina booed the Golden Rule.  One of the most evangelical Christian states in the country.


I have lived in and driven through many parts of the Bible belt.  No doubt, churches are as numerous as are Starbucks coffee shops in Manhattan.  But what I have seen of it is a shallow Christianity, and most definitely bought into Scofield, war, military worship, etc. 

At least in the ones that aren’t 100% woke.


  1. The righteous judgment of Elohim’s furious wrath is being displayed in the blood bath of Islam’s Palestinian holy war against the Great Judeo-Xian Babylonian Whore (i.e. Masonic Pax Americana). Socialistically-secured Moslem-Xian Palestinians wage jihad against Socialistically-secured Judeo-Xian Zionists. This is the Israeli vs. Palestinian ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’ that was prophesied in Jeremiah 30:7- and Matthew 24:21. Elohim has righteously predestined Armageddon’s nuclear holocaust against the Marxist Beast’s deluded, digitally-marked (SS#) chattel that are held captive and enslaved within Socialism’s anti-Christ Security System.

    During the Orwellian “Digital Age” of Neo-Babel’s Global Village all global-e-commerce merchandise, in including the souls of men, must be digitally-marked with the identification number (SS#) of the Marxist Beast’s Socialistic Security System. Mentally engraved within their hearts’ consciousness (the forehead’s memory) and embedded within their hand-held credit card is the digital name of the Marxist UN Beast. No man can legally buy, sell, engage in the cashless global-e-commerce, obtain a drivers license, a bank account, a passport or be hired for employment without being branded for life with the Beast’s SS#. From cradle to grave the digitally-marked souls of Neo-Babylonians are happily held captive as Orwellian wards within the Marxist Beast’s Socialistically-Secured Global Village.

    In corporate worship before Freemasonry’s sacred image of Old Glory, Neo-Babylonians patriotically pledge their heart’s idolatrous allegiance to the licentious woman (Columbia) that regally sits as a reigning queen upon the Marxist UN Beast (i.e. Masonic Pax Americana’s idolized Statue of Liberty). Uncle Sam’s social-secured citizens are indoctrinated to sacrificially lay down their lives in defense of Lady Liberty’s Masonic Constitution and sacred image of “Old Glory” (see Daniel 3:16). They are brainwashed, not unlike beef cattle that permanently bear their master’s digital name stapled to their ear. Contently chewing their cud, these deluded beasts fatten up in the ‘security’ of the slaughter-house feedlot. Oblivious to the holocaust that awaits their numbered souls, they are like the Third Reich’s ghettoized Jews who were numbered, showered, and thrown into Auschwitz’s ovens.

    1. And what do you recommend we do to correct this situation? Cut up our SS cards? Close our bank accounts? Refuse to surrender our driver's license when requested? Burn our passports?

      Now, I am not disagreeing with your contention but fiery rhetoric against The System will not make any difference at all UNLESS you have a workable, alternative system to take its place. Instead of loudly inveighing against what we already have, produce something better.

    2. Roger, a good reminder. My proposal to correct this situation can be found at my other blog:

      I can think of no other solution.

  2. Bionic, the problem with the Bible Belt isn't Evangelical Christianity per se. The problem is that elites have captured Evangelical churches like the Southern Baptist Convention. They run it like the managerial state is run. The purpose isn't truth or obedience to God. The priority is organizational efficiency, which means appeals to cultural popularity and access to money.

    1. I agree. I think Baldwin was careful to comment on "evangelical churches" and "evangelical Christians."

  3. Lindsey Graham is also very adept at making sure that South Carolina gets its share of the Federal pie, which makes the message of war-mongering in churches there much more palatable.

    Despicable. All of it.

    The one good thing that I know about Graham is that he is not far from leaving this world forever and moving into a different realm where he will not be able to make excuses or trouble.