Wednesday, May 22, 2024

For the Moment…

A few thoughts on the topics of the day….

One-Issue Voter

No, not abortion, not Israel, not Trump Derangement Syndrome.  My one issue is the non-aggression principle (NAP).  A politician who speaks to this and has a track record of living to this will get my vote.  Not that it will make any difference…. (for sure, not since November 22, 1963).

Now, the application of the NAP takes some unpacking.  There are self-described libertarians who are on all sides of almost all issues, each one claiming he is making the thin libertarian argument.  I spent the first several years of this blog working out my views on several such seemingly controversial topics; the libertarian answer turned out not to be so difficult for me:

·         Abortion (no)

·         The Jab and other such forced medical treatments (no, yet, stunningly, many so-called libertarians went haywire about this)

·         Open borders (the NAP can’t answer this question in a world where the state prevents me from defending my private property; the closest approximation given state control is to answer “no”)

·         Foreign wars (no)

·         Foreign aid (who would have thought this would be controversial amongst libertarians…October 7 blew this door wide open, at least for one very prominent libertarian)

·         Secession and decentralization in state governance (yes, always)

Of course, I could simplify all of this by just saying “property rights,” but as this would eliminate most forms of taxation, well…in a world of humans, I can’t afford to be a purist.

There are hundreds of candidates who oppose the taking of life in the womb yet fully support the taking of life in places like Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and Gaza.  There are hundreds who take the exact opposite view on each. 

“My body, my choice” is supported by those who want to murder unborn infants, yet is denied by the same people when it comes to penetrating my skin with a foreign object.

There are hundreds who profess Christianity yet have yet to discover a war they didn’t like.  There are some who claim to desire border control yet at the same time have no problem voting to invade my personal borders.

There are a handful who oppose foreign aid, except foreign aid for the land-based aircraft carrier also known as the fifty-first state.

There are none, or none that I am aware of, who support plebiscites to determine secession and decentralization. 

If It’s True…

…then no law is needed to protect it.  Just open discussion among honest participants.  If it’s true, then cancel culture is exactly the opposite tool to be applied – again, open discussion will expose the lies and offer the means to land on the truth.

There is a panic about what has recently happened on college campuses, a panic about how views are changing regarding that aforementioned fifty-first state.  The panic is resulting in proposed laws, as well as banishment and isolation.

But truth doesn’t need any such protection offered by laws or cancel culture; only lies do.

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Christian Zionism (simplified): unquestioning and unreserved support the state of Israel; the Battle of Armageddon; an army of two-hundred million; total destruction.

Maybe not in exact detail, but on the key points they may be getting their wish.  The state of Israel is not going to survive what is happening today.  This, of course, is a dangerous possibility, as…well…the Samson Option.  Nothing is off the table given the views of those who control such decisions.

Will cooler heads prevail?  Many point to the Israel lobby in the United States as ensuring there are no cooler heads.  While this lobby isn’t irrelevant, I find it secondary.  Absent the support of Evangelical Christian Zionists, the political landscape on this topic would change.

So, will cooler heads prevail?  Show me a cooler head in a position that can change the views of Christian Zionists and US politicians, and then I will consider this question. 

In the meantime, these Christian Zionists may bring their heresy to fruition, but this would be due to their false prophecy and resultant advocacy instead of any message from God.

The Endgame

There is no way out for the hegemon other than a continued slow fall, followed, likely, by a strong crash.  The hegemon will shrink, lose influence.  Mackinder was right: the Heartland Theory is in full play with China and Russia leading the way in consolidating the Eurasian landmass.

Mackinder summarized his theory as follows:

·         Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;

·         Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;

·         Who rules the World-Island commands the world.

Hence, the importance of keeping Germany and Russia separated – a focal point of Anglo policy for well over one-hundred years.  Also, hence the stupidity of driving Russia and China into each other’s arms.

Mackinder’s theory explains every war since 1914.  These weren’t wars for any of the reasons we were told: oil, communism, Israel, women’s rights.  These were wars in the regions surrounding the heartland of Eurasia, for the purposes of control and destabilization – thus preventing the heartland from developing.

As China and Russia consolidate Eurasia, this will send the West back to the periphery, figuratively, as long as the West fights this inevitable rise of a multi-polar world.

Unfortunately for us, empires rarely die peacefully.


  1. Western politicians are doing everything they can to actively destroy the West and empower their "enemies". It's hard to think they are doing it on purpose. It is also hard to think that they think their actions will produce success. Every empire ended when it extended its borders too wide, projected its military power too far, diluted the influence of the original ruling class, and inflated the money supply. The US is doing all those things at an accelerated pace. What else do should people think is going to happen?

    I don't think they have a chance to win the Presidency but there are a couple of candidates in the LP that fit Bionic's criteria. Michael Rectenwald and Josh Smith.

  2. Bionic,

    Well done!

  3. I'd love your take on this:
    "No god in any religious tradition is as consistently brutal and bloodthirsty as Yahweh of the Old Testament. That includes the various war gods, and deities of peoples like the Aztecs. Christianity has lost influence in part because Christians refuse to reckon with it, instead twisting themselves in knots to justify genocide, rape, incest, etc."

    From another pen-named but outed author,

    He addresses Marconinism somewhat. I should search to see if you have addressed it in the past. Might work better for your substack. Thank you.

    1. I replied several times to that twitter post. I love Darryl and have been listening to his podcast since the beginning. But he vomits stuff up like this about God every couple of months. I'm not sure the point of it.

      Bottom line though, he is a poor exegete of Scripture and won't accept any instruction. He has placed himself in authority over the Bible instead of submitting to God's Word.

      He is factually incorrect too. Nowhere in the OT does God justify rape or incest. He does proclaim judgment on Canaan which can be called genocide. But that is a long story about Canaan's deep descent into abominable sin. God even gives them 400 years to repent. They don't so He judges their society.

    2. Eric

      I have touched on this topic before, but it has been quite some time. As a general view, I find that we often look at such issues through the wrong end of the telescope – looking backward in time, through our current moral ethic, instead of forward in time when considering the culture that was then prevalent. This is true regarding war ethics, slavery, etc.

      Having said that as my general view, the following might be helpful. With a caution: what I have written on this was four years ago; I have no idea if my position is exactly the same. In any case, I am not at all qualified to make a strong statement on this topic.

      Here, I asked for some feedback and sources. Seventy-five comments, feel free to peruse!

      Here is my post subsequent to these comments; another fifteen comments.

      I don’t know that I will revisit this topic. At least not for a while.

      Gavin Ortlund recently did a couple videos on such topics; worth watching, at least for his view:

      The Conquest of Canaan: Genocide or Just?

      War R*pe in Deuteronomy 21?

    3. Thank you!

  4. “My body, my choice” is supported by those who want to murder unborn infants, yet is denied by the same people when it comes to penetrating my skin with a foreign object." -- Bionic Mosquito

    In October 2021, I posted an article on my blog which made the same argument. Just prior to that, I had been at a street demonstration (declaration) against the COVID regimen, holding a sign with the slogan, "My Body, My Choice". It had graphics of a "thumbs up", a "thumbs down", and a hypodermic needle. Pretty simple message, and it drove one passer-by crazy with rage.

    Quote from the article. Read it here.

    "They want to be able to control their bodies, but they do not want you to claim that same power over yours. They are not willing to extend that “right” to anyone else who promotes a philosophy which they disagree with. They hate it when we co-opt their slogans and statements, using them in ways which are NOT acceptable, and they hate us for doing exactly that. They are filled with hatred, and they let it show. Furiously."

    There is no talking about this with them. They are not rational. They have nothing at all to oppose us except hatred and anger. In the end, the long run, there's is a losing strategy. The truth will win out.

    1. Roger,

      When hypocrisy and lying are considered virtues, you are right: conversations with such people are worse than pointless; they can harm the one who is rational and consistent.

  5. Well the LP has nominated a gay libertine as their Presidential candidate. I will not even consider voting for him. The LP and the Mises Caucus have largely failed in whatever it is was their goal in 2022.

    Maybe Trump will throw libertarians a few bones. He is the only choice at this point.

    1. Yes. Anyone looking for a savior in politics - especially coming out of the LP - must by now be convinced: there is only one Savior, and His purposes are much more significant and life-changing than ours.

    2. Bionic,

      I cannot agree with you on this. In my opinion, there are still many millions of people in the US, probably tens (and maybe) hundreds of millions who still look for the white knight to ride in on his steed and save them from their self-inflicted misery. Trump is a good example of this.

      He is on the verge of achieving god-like status, not because he is God-like (which he isn't), but because he promises what people want to hear. The fact that much of what he says today is contradictory to what he said yesterday doesn't matter. So many are true believers who swallow and regurgitate everything he says.

      This will not change as long as there is money to be made and a comfortable lifestyle to be had at the government trough, and as long as there are people who are willing to schlopp it up, someone (a white knight) will be there to slop it down. It is only when there is nothing more to be had that people, generally, will countenance a course correction.

    3. Roger, you are correct, and I was a bit sloppy. Anyone looking for a savior in politics must by now either be convinced this is not possible or is deluded.

    4. "These evangelicals who are anticipating that America is going to be saved by Donald Trump and the Republicans are as deluded and as blind to the new covenant as they can possibly be."

      This quote came from a message by Chuck Baldwin titled, Good for Nothing Churches, which can be viewed here.