Friday, November 24, 2023

Letting Go of the Reins


We, in the name of a demented constitutionalism, have dashed out the brains of far more infants than Hamas could ever dream of. That’s the problem with those Third-World pikers—they simply don’t know how to scale. And not only does their ineptitude not know how to scale, these ignorant barbarians slaughtered the infants of their enemies instead of doing what civilized Westerners do, which is to target their own citizens.

Evangelical Doctors, Coughing Up Blood, Doug Wilson (video, blog)

Setting aside that I still don’t know that there is any evidence of Hamas deliberately targeting infants, the line is humorous, biting, and profound.  Wilson introduces this post with the vote in Ohio to enshrine abortion in the state constitution.

So am I about to lay the responsibility for America’s condition at the feet of the evangelical church? Why, yes. Yes, I am. … In a time when our nation has declared open war on the God of heaven, despising His law/word, we, ostensibly His people, have responded with a farrago of lame theological excuses…

He then goes on to describe some of these lame theological excuses – the taking of the two kingdoms idea not just to an extreme but to two different corners; a concern that “any Presbyterian attempt to save the babies is just a trick that will enable them to flog Baptists again…” (a reference to the paranoia and misunderstanding of what Wilson, at least, means by Christian nationalism).

That “vixen” known as secularism has had its way with everyone in town; everyone knows what’s going on except for the evangelicals.  What these evangelicals, and others, don’t see is that we are already, now, today, living in under the wrath of God. 

Wilson points to Romans 1 to demonstrate that God does not have to do anything to demonstrate His wrath; He just stops doing.  I also have described this as one of God’s purposes for giving us the natural law ethic: when we violate it so blatantly and extensively, God does not have to do anything – the ramifications of such prolonged violations will do all the doing necessary.

God just lets go of the reins:

This stallion has long fancied himself a Pegasus, and so the moment the rider gets off and lets go of the reins, that idea is immediately put to the test at the very first cliff.

I guess time for me to insert: as the stallion is falling at free fall speed, he can still report “OK so far!”  Which is how many see our situation today: OK so far; unfortunately this includes many Christian leaders.  But it isn’t as if the judgement is somewhere ahead of us; we are living the judgement today.

…the sins of woke America were revealed when the permit for the first pride parade was obtained.

And we are living in His judgement for our agreeing to slaughter tens of millions of babies, which comes to the quote with which I opened this post.  And this in a land of tens of millions of Evangelical Christians, many of whom still can’t get it through their heads that you’ve got to serve somebody; there has to be something at the top of the value chain.  Not just that there has to bethere will be.  And if it isn’t God and God’s law, it will be something else.

So, we keep pretending that belief is optional, personal; everyone can have their own god at the top – this is our secular society and it is the society acceptable to Christians who believe that there is no concern about God’s Kingdom until after we see Jesus coming down in the clouds.

We have read this story before, many times in the Bible:

This is supplemented with claims that all those gnarly things the Bible talks about are not the same thing as what we are doing. Our Sodom is not like their Sodom. Our Moloch is not like their Moloch. Our scribes who mutter deceits are not like their scribes who muttered deceits.

Oh, but they are, like peas in a pod.

And in this, Wilson points to the lie of secularism: we believe we have the right to make decisions such as the one just made by the voters of Ohio; we even believe we have a right to put such a notion up for vote. 

In this descent, we end up beclowning ourselves, as indicated in Romans 1:22, where the apostle Paul writes “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” 


Wilson asks: “Can democracy sin?”  He answers, yes it can.  “And, if democracy can sin, can democracy be forgiven?”  There is only one way:

The only way to answer that question properly is to acknowledge the authority of the risen Lord Jesus Christ over the nations, including ours, and that would run the risk of being labeled a Christian nationalist by the cool kids.

I know the term Christian nationalism means many things to many people.  What I keep hearing it mean to Wilson is, you’ve got to serve somebody; something has to be at the top of the pyramid of values.  If it isn’t God, then…well, you know.

Clown world.


  1. I like the basic idea of CN that society needs to be oriented towards something and the best thing is the one true God. But as I have been listening to the conversation I have heard some concerning things. Some advocate for Sabbath laws, state churches, and heresy laws. Some even are open to capital punishment for some of these things.

    Independent of that the system they envision follows the Byzantine structure that you have mentioned called Symphony or symphonia where the emperor rules has sovereignty over the church but is guided by bishops. You have shown the error of that structure and how the Western model was better where church authority competed with state authority on equal or semi-equal levels. I like that structure better and think it serves liberty better.

    The other point I want to add is that secularism really is just a neopaganism. Christianity conquered the pagan world once. It can do it again. The fight will be different but following a natural law ethic will be key defeating the Left's anti-humanism.

    1. RMB, you have summarized my view well. The Church must always speak truth to power, and this is the BIG failing today by most church leaders in the West.

      Just by doing this, we as a society will move toward laws and norms that are "Christian." Or we will make very clear the difference of what it means to be a Christian as opposed to not. Either way is victory for God's Kingdom and for liberty.

      As to the confusion about what CN even is, I also agree. This is why I am trying to be specific when commenting on it - as difficult as that can be for me sometimes.

  2. The point that we are already under his wrath is well taken. One has only to read Deut 28.
    Or just contemplate the question, "Why has God given our nation into the hands of those who hate us & seek our lives?"
    Because that's where the Hell we are.