Friday, October 13, 2023

Check Your Moral Compass

A new crisis, a new spirit…

·         Hamas Brutality Illuminates College Officialdom’s Broken Moral Compass

·         A Moral Compass and the Ball Peen Hammer

·         ‘No moral compass’: Joe Biden blasted for holding barbeque amid Hamas attack on Israel

·         Emphasizing that the Human Rights Council has “lost its moral compass” …

·         Jewish scientist Gad Saad suggests that society's moral compass is broken due to historical discrimination and hatred faced by Jewish people…

·         When it comes to Israel, a nation grappling with a new terrifying wave of brutal terrorist acts, Europe’s moral compass needs adjusting.

Just from a simple search online.

Some time ago I learned that I really was bad when it came to commenting on current events.  I get too much wrong, and have learned its best to stay silent.  I am not going to comment on this one either, other than to say pretty much everyone commenting really doesn’t know anything about what is really happening and why.  I personally can’t get past how the tightest security state in the world didn’t see this coming, so what on earth could I claim about this event after that?

But, this “moral compass,” trotted out to confront those who say anything about the “whys” of the grievances of Palestinians, etc.  Such people need to check their moral compass.

I check mine as follows: the only people who suffer in such situations are the common people who have or want nothing to do with such violence, who want nothing more than to raise their children, give them a good education, have a decent job, feed their families.

All of the actors – the movers and shakers?  None of them are physically at risk.  They have either put these wheels in motion or are trying to figure out how to leverage these events to their advantage – or both.

But for these yappers – “check your moral compass” … I will take anyone who says this seriously if they said the same thing when the United States destroyed Iraq, Syria, and Libya; when Azerbaijan and Turkey joined together to crush Armenians in Nagorno Karabakh; when the west extended a needless war in Ukraine; when children were sacrificed in the name of (falsely) protecting grandma; when Madeleine Albright said 500,000 dead Iraqi children were worth it; when Israeli soldiers shoot peaceful marchers.


Here is one moral compass that needs some serious checking:


  1. I think the important question is, "what moral compass are you talking about?" Our everyday morals & ethics are sort of on autopilot most of the time. The compass itself depends strongly on your worldview, such as which people group you favor (if any). As Christians, we have a pretty good one, but even this is subject to Worldly influence. Here is a good touchstone:
    Matthew 12:30: He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.
    So which side is with Him? Neither, of course. What should we be doing?
    "Preach the dospel to all peoples, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you."
    From what I've seen, both sides are happy to shed innocent blood and are happy to suffer terror casualties of their own, as this galvanizes support for their unpopular regimes.
    To support either side is evil, & we ought to say so.

  2. The term "moral compass" brought to mind William J. Bennett's "moral clarity," which he invoked after the 9/11 attacks to defend the War on Terror. He even wrote a book about it: *Why We Fight: Moral Clarity and the War on Terrorism*.

    Needless to say, I never read the book. I have no interest in learning what a former "Drug Czar" has to say about lofty matters clearly beyond his ken. I do remember Bennett advocating tactics akin to the righteous "strategic bombings" of densely populated civilian areas in Germany and Japan during World War II.

    It's only terrorism when the Hitler du Jour does it. When the Empire does it, it's homicidal humanitarianism.

  3. To support either side is evil, & we ought to say so.

    Indeed! Peg in Oregon

  4. I don't find much clear thinking going on. Lots of tribalism on multiple sides, false associations made to history, and a rejection of patient sober thinking.

    Hyper-subjectivism is the error of the day. Need a bit more objectivism:

  5. Pretty strange how the best spy guys and cyber wizards did not see this coming. Ah huh ok.

  6. For whatever it is worth: I could not help remembering that some days prior to the (what shall we call it?), attack, Israeli police began to arrest persons spitting on Christians and vandalizing our places of worship. After all, not interfering with such conduct may cause the loss of necessary allies. Freedom of speech is again severely curtailed in the U.S., this time denying it mostly to folks on the left, with substantial support for such censorship from elements on the right. As my son informed me, the Onion was, as usual, spot on, "The Onion stands with Israel, because it seems that you have less trouble for that". Prayer is now desperately needed.

    1. Deacon P, it is really something to watch all of the "we are pulling funding from your university" types over this recent incident. They had no trouble funding when all manner of destructive positions were taken by these same schools, administrators and students.

      Destroy western culture? Our checkbooks are wide open. Show even a hint of support for the Palestinians? No future and no job for you.

  7. Jordan Peterson had Netanyahu on his podcast to talk about the current conflict and the history of the Israeli/Palestinian squabble. It was as you'd expect (Israel = angels / Palestinians = devils) with zero pushback from Peterson, who I guess knew/researched nothing about this history prior to getting Netanyahu on. Or maybe he was worried about getting killed by Mossad if he challenged any of the core Likudist beliefs...

    Netanyahu claims there were no Palestinians in the area when Israel was created in 1948. "Land without a people + people without a land" nonsense. Nobody was displaced, yadda yadda yadda. Lying murderers gonna lie and murder...

    Ben Shapiro has reached peak Neocon Zionist Jew with all his frantic emotional talk about the attack and Israel's response, also avoiding any evils the Israelis have committed against the innocent people of Palestine (not Hamas terrorists or PLO commies) that may have provoked this. Dave Smith and Robby did a good breakdown on Ben Shapiro's "4 Myths" on his Part of the Problem podcast.

    It is very concerning that right when this story broke last week (I think?) all the newscasters were calling this "Israel's 9/11" as if scripted, and likely they were. Now Netanyahu is using the "Axis of Evil" talk again. And why not? They've got the American Right by the balls again ready for war almost as if we're back in the Bush years. All the probably fake or embellished stories of atrocities committed by Hamas (40 beheaded babies, etc.) have whipped them up into a Dispensationalist frenzy again ready to protect that poor little tiny innocent nation of Israel.

    The right position is to be against both evils (Israeli IDF and Hamas terrorists) and in favor of the innocent people (both Israeli and Palestinian) getting killed by this war between the two criminal gangs (especially when you consider that Hamas early on was fostered and supported by Israel to replace the PLO because they knew Hamas was so terrible that the international community would never support them as a state actor, effectively killing the "Two State" solution, which the Likud Party opposes). But in the real world how are we supposed to do that exactly? I guess as Americans we just have to advocate withdrawing financial/military support from both Israel and Palestine recognizing this as not America's problem, and don't let Israel and AIPAC goad us into another Middle East conflict involving multiple nations, particularly Iran.

    Also take Tolkien's advice and refuse to worship any of the modern hydra's heads, the state of Israel being one of them.

  8. I never did grasp the "Palestine never existed" argument. Do people really think the land just lay there desolate?

    Three of my four grandparents were Italian. My paternal grandfather was born in 1888; his mother was born in 1850. I suspect the word "Italy" didn't even appear in maps of 1850 Europe. Italy back then was a collection of city-states, kingdoms, principalities, etc. It didn't "unify" to become a bona fide nation-state until 1861.

    Does that mean Italians didn't exist before 1861? What does that make my great-grandmother? A non-feathered bipedal deplorable?

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