Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Litmus Test

Clay Travis has written a piece: 66% of Twitter Voters Believe Sports Media Is Rooting Against Sports Returning.  Sports media is rooting against the return of sports for the same reason that news media is rooting against the return of life:

…. if you asked the average member of the sports media to make this choice: sports return, but Donald Trump is reelected or no sports return, but Donald Trump is defeated, I think most sports media would choose to cancel sports if it meant canceling Trump.

Sports media – like the broader media – is left- biased.  So, this is not surprising.

Sports offers a diversion; right now, a diversion is not desired.  The reason why is tied to the election and tied to the riots – which are also tied to the election.  I commented on this earlier, based on a video by Jonathan Pageau.

The best thing that can happen to raise the heat: re-start a sport, then stop it.  This is now in the air for baseball:

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred told MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark on Friday that if the sport doesn't do a better job of managing the coronavirus, it could shut down for the season….

Baseball will be somewhat irrelevant in this regard – play or not, it doesn’t generate the passion.  But the tale will be told in two sports: professional basketball and football – in the case of the latter, two leagues will matter: the National Football League, and the SEC for college. 

If some combination of these three leagues stops or cancels the season, know that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet – neither in lockdown actions or riot actions.  I say one or more of these leagues will not finish what it starts. 

At least one month before election day.


  1. Football stopping a season will just lead traditionals to protest. SEC fans will go crazy, but they aren't voting for Biden either way. They will just hate those who made the decision and call for their firing.

    For me, it will be hard to give up football, but I will. I have already found some other hobbies that will take up my time.

    1. RMB, without this preoccupation, what will the malcontents do?

    2. Hopefully stop the revolution in its tracks.

  2. Football is part of our culture. Not just something we missed out on this year. I fear it not happening for my own mental health...and for those that have to deal with me. As a libertarian I am feeling like I actually have to vote this year...for a republican of all things. This sucks!

    Finkle, Einhorn?...Einhorn, Finkle? I need a shower.