Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hell’s Comin’

The Milwaukee Bucks have decided not to play basketball today.  They are the favorite in the East, and this is the playoffs.  They did not come on to the court in their game against the Orlando Magic.  Thereafter, the other two games scheduled today were postponed.

This in response to a police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Yes, the shooting of a black man.

A reminder of something I wrote about four weeks ago:

…the tale will be told in two sports: professional basketball and football – in the case of the latter, two leagues will matter: the National Football League, and the SEC for college.

If some combination of these three leagues stops or cancels the season, know that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet – neither in lockdown actions or riot actions.  I say one or more of these leagues will not finish what it starts.

At least one month before election day.

There is talk in other leagues about taking some similar action.

Let’s see if the NBA resumes play in the coming days.  Even if they do, I hold to my view: sometime before the election, one or more of these leagues will shut down.  And then the fun really begins.

We are already seeing some pushback – both with armed men in defense of property and with democratic spokespeople (AKA CNN and the like) worried that the continued riots are only going to add to more support for Trump.

Tonight is going to be interesting.


  1. NBA players union rep told them they would lose 20-30% of their pay for the year and they caved.

    These NBA players are most cynical of cynical people. In it for the money. Pushing for causes only if they can make money on it while ignoring all the other injustice going on around them.

    These are some of the most unpleasant people we have in our country. One of them even called a foreign player a "bitch ass white boy." If the races were switched the player would have been immediately fired and forced into a public shaming. The black player who said this whispered an apology to the white player before the next game and all was forgotten.

    Now this is how it should go regardless. But the racism and hypocrisy of the NBA is disgusting to watch.

    1. I really like the game too. That makes it harder. I prefer college basketball but I like the game itself. The NBA is basketball at the highest level, so it bugs me more than it would otherwise.

    2. From my youth, I had passion for a few sports teams. The last one that I held on to was an NBA team. This passion started to wane a few years ago; it has gone completely dry during the several-month lockdown and the explosion of wokeness that has come to the fore.

      The NBA used to be about basketball, with the political and social views tagging along for the ride. It is now completely the other way around, with basketball the vehicle for society-destroying views.