Saturday, June 6, 2020

Wake Up

Now we know that it is suddenly OK to not anti-social distance if you are performing any activity ranging from peaceful protest to wanton mayhem and destruction, but it is not Ok to anti-social distance for any other activity.  Like going to work, seeing your friends, having a meal out, going to church, whatever.

Now we know that it doesn’t matter if you prefer democrats or republicans, we know that they all play the same game for the same team – them (and those who want to control and own you) against you.

How much more obvious do you need them to make this for you?


  1. Reports from the Heartland. This time last week about 500 had signed-up for Mass. This week only 349. However, I predict actual attendance will be way up (people like me just aren't signing up) and mask wearing will be way down.

  2. There was also a Supreme Court case that supported the enforcement of church lockdowns. The ruling was justified that all people and organizations were being treating equally so no discrimination against churches. They of course ignored that the 1st Amendment says no law to infringe on free exercise of religion. That is another matter. But the state of CA has shown now that the Court ruling was premature and wrong. The church is being discriminated against. Bet they don't retry the case.