Thursday, April 9, 2020

Should We Have Listened to Greta?

The desperation was obvious.  Trotting out a seemingly angry child, who somehow miraculously found herself on the most prominent stages, in the attempt to scare us – finally – to give up our lives for so-called climate change.  It was laughable, and I suspect even the most ardent believers of this “settled science” couldn’t help but chuckle – but only when not in the presence of polite company.

Well, maybe we should have listened.  Climate change – to whatever extent one is a believer – was such a distant problem, very few non-elite could stomach the cost today in order to avoid some disaster ten or twenty or one-hundred years from now.

As the laughter toward Greta overwhelmed whatever pity one might have felt for this child, a more immediate catastrophe was offered.  The corona.  How amazingly quickly billions of people would give up any last remaining shred of liberty – to say nothing of Palm Sunday and Easter – when they could see their own lives flashing before them because of…the flu.

Now…I see the shredding of liberty as a side benefit to those who deem themselves our rulers – a side benefit that they are and will gladly exploit.  The immediate benefit of – and most important reason for – corona-gate is to save, for a future day, the final collapse of a financial system built on central banking and fiat.

But what would have happened if we listened to Greta?  Trillions would still have been spent, and central banks would have created countless trillions more (remember the good-old-days, just a couple of months ago, when central bankers were claiming a new mandate to fight climate change?).  in other words, this would also have delayed the inevitable collapse of today’s money and credit regime.

But at least if we listened to Greta, we wouldn’t have countless millions unemployed with the likelihood for many of these that their lives will never be the same.

Really, we should have just listened to Greta.  When will we ever learn?


  1. I don't think they would have stopped with Greta and climate change. I think it would have made it that much easier to push the virus scam.

    Not that there was much resistance. I lost much respect for a lot of people over all this. Could hardly believe what I was reading. It would make a good sequel to Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    1. It wouldn't have stopped, I agree.

      I have also lost respect for people - there is too much information available contrary to the official narrative for people to feign ignorance at a time when tens of millions - hundreds of millions - are losing their jobs and livelihoods, for some, permanently.

    2. The main thrust of the thing seems to be, "if it saves even one life, it's worth it". Considerations of prosperity and freedom are for the heartless and irresponsible.

      There was an interesting discussion on this over at Eric Peters' page. Being a car guy, he's been consistently ranting against the "safety cult" for a good while, and now that it seems they've gone for broke, he's on a tear.

      At some point, someone in the comments section over there brought up the crux of the issue - it's better to risk death than accept some things meekly. Up until recently it was seat belts, air bags, speed limits. Now it's getting out of the house.