Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Lies, Damn Lies, and Welcome to America

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times let's face it you're a jerk and I'm stupid…

-          A nice quote for which I cannot identify the source.

I was recently asked about “why this American obsession with the corruption of the state,” or some such.

So you tell me 'trust me' I can trust you
as far as I can throw you

Should our trust go any farther than this?  I have found that there are some people who I always believed knew better, actually didn’t know better.

In reply to this query about this corruption of the American state, I offered a simple answer – a link to my post that attempts to identify the many fallacies that I (and many) generally were taught – mostly, but not totally, regarding history.  This post includes something like 100 entries, each of which will link to a more detailed examination – usually of mine, sometimes from someone else.

Now, a hundred entries barely scratch the surface, yet can be overwhelming to consider for the uninitiated.  It will be easier to think I am a kook or something.  I am reminded of a scene from A Beautiful Mind, the story of John Nash as played by Russell Crowe. 

Nash is being considered for a Nobel Prize.  But the sponsors are a bit leery, given his mental hallucinations and such over the last decades.  He has finally achieved some level of balance and normalcy, yet there is no such thing as “cured.”

The sponsors send someone out to discuss this concern with Nash, to which he replies:

Nash: So you came here to see if I was crazy. To see if I'd screw everything up if I actually won. Maybe dance on the podium or strip naked and squawk like a chicken. 
King: Something like that, yes.
Nash: Would I embarrass you? Yes, I suppose it's possible.  You see, I’m crazy.

Maybe I am just squawking like a naked chicken or something….

Returning to my story.  Instead of a hundred entries, let’s just try these – major events from the last 125 years.  No links, no explanations – it doesn’t take much digging if anyone is even half serious about this issue.  Everyone one of these was built on a lie, explained with a lie, or both:

o   Spanish-American War
o   American entry into the Great War
o   Reasons for the Great Depression
o   American Entry into World War Two
o   The Reasons for dropping two atomic bombs on Japan
o   Who killed John F. Kennedy?
o   The Reasons for entering Vietnam
o   Nine-Eleven
o   The Financial Fraud of 2008-09

Now, if you can get through these, you might understand why a few people were skeptical from the get-go on King Corona.  And, as events are proving out, we were right to be skeptical.


The land of the free, the freest nation on earth, proud to be American because at least I know I’m free, with liberty and justice for all, America invented liberty, government of, by, and for the people….

Forgive me for not buying it.

Never been much of a doubting Thomas
but nothing breaks like a broken promise

Lyrics: Lie, Dream Theater

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