Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lessons Never Learned

Once again, the most powerful and almighty force in a global battle for dominance and superiority has fallen.  Once again, a seemingly invincible force has died, attempting to claim victory on the Russian plain:
Holders Germany were knocked out of the World Cup on a stunning afternoon in Group F, courtesy of a 2-0 defeat against South Korea.
Russia: the place where empires go to die.  Long ago it was Napoleon.  Then it was Hitler.
Today it is Joachim Löw and Die Mannschaft.


  1. "the most powerful and almighty force in a global battle for dominance and superiority has fallen."

    Thought the Israeli team didn't even qualify?

    1. They didn't. They thought the US would do their fighting for them, as usual, but you see how that plan went south against T&T.

  2. Yow,
    I bet dem krauts are lookin like Hillary fans about now.

  3. Okay, now seriously folks. Part of Die Mannschaft consisted of two Turkish players (Mesut Özil and Ilkay Gündogan, just your typical German names, at least in certain parts of larger cities) who thought it might be a swell idea to visit their homeland and pay homage to Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan. These guys are now blamed for causing unrest in the team.

    But of course, as with so many things these days, the actual blame falls squarely on US geopolitics, since we all know that the American govt pressured the Germans to accept the migration treaties negotiated between the Turkish regime and the US in the '60s. If it hadn't been for these treaties, instead of Mesut and Ilkay visiting a Turkish despot, it would have been Günther und Fritz paying a visit to Our Lady of sweet Victory in the Cologne Cathedral.

    Better not tell them. Wars have been started for less..



    1. The US Government pressured Germany? How about some of the famous German stubbornness and manliness? Here is an easy pathway to manliness and prosperity:
      1. Get rid of Ex-Commie Youth from running the country.
      2. Stop giving other countries money
      3. Bring back the Mark.
      You'll be 5 years from the economic boom of the 1950's

      4. If you can pull it off: End socialized education, healthcare and housing.
      You'll be back to the boom of the 1950's in 5 weeks.

  4. Hi Bogart,

    "The US Government pressured Germany?"

    Yes the US govt. actually did, I'm afraid there's no denying this Bogart.

    Now for some facts. Presented in the Frankfurter Allgemeine" by Necla Kelek, a Turkish sociologist born in Istanbul, who came to Germany when she was still a child in 1966. Here's the link Foreign workers in Germany, the article is still online.

    You probably don't understand German, so here's a summary: 1961 Recruitment Agreement signed by German foreign minister Von Brentano, under pressure from US to support Turkey economically. This agreement, together with the Ankara Agreement 2yrs later, were the big rewards exacted by the Turkish military regime that had taken over in 1960. Turkey had to share in Europe's economic rise. The US needed Turkey as a strategic ally in the Cold War, and the Menderes regime wasn't considered a reliable enough partner. 1961 Adnan Menderes executed.

    So when the Turkish generals demanded that the Germans open up their country for Turks, to share in the economic rise of postwar Europe, the Germans were foolish enough to sign the immigration treaties forced upon them by the US. That's how Germany got its Turkish immigrant problem and "Die Mannschaft" their two Turkish players who demonstrated their loyalty to a foreign despot right before the World Cup.

    As for the "you". I'm from Holland, but since I agree with most of what you say, I'll ask our German neighbours to be more manly. Though after more than 50 years of "Americanization" (multiculturalism and political correctness) German natives have turned into wimps. We as Dutchies loved to hate them for their arrogance and trademark lack of humour, but that's all gone now. They have become "nice," and now they're out.