Monday, August 28, 2017

Musings on Left-Libertarians

A couple of thoughts that have popped into my head….

Are Left-Libertarians Anti-Semites?

Just letting my mind wander while waiting for the flood of posts in defense of open borders for Israel

Consider the following premises, all valid in the left-libertarian world:

1)      Libertarianism is universal
2)      Libertarianism is cosmopolitan
3)      Libertarianism requires open borders

So…if left-libertarians do not support open borders for Israel, I ask: what do you have against Jews?  Why withhold from them this universal, cosmopolitan…well, let me be the one to say it…culture-enhancing possibility?

On the other hand, if left-libertarians support open borders for Israel, well…no guards, no checkpoints, no nothing between the West Bank and Jerusalem or between Gaza City and Ashqelon?  Nothing but big fat “Welcome Neighbors” signs?  El Al Airlines – come and go as you please; we don’t even scan your luggage?  Nothing?

Do you think there might be more than a few Jews who consider such open-borders-for-Israel-left-libertarians to be anti-Semites?

Anyway, just something to ponder while we wait.

A Possible Formula

Libertarianism minus a generally accepted culture equals communism

I’ll bet you never thought anyone could turn a subjective concept into an objective formula before, did you?

Sure, economists have tried, but they have never had any success.  I think my formula will stand the test of time.


  1. LOL. You got it BM.

    The confusion is explained by the fact that to the Zionists anything that is bad for their occupation government is "anti-semitic.".

    Ethno-nationalism in Europe and America is bad for Zionist global domination and therefore "antisemitic."

    Open borders for Israel would be the end of the Zionist project and therefore obviously "antisemetic."

    I have had people ask me over the years why I don't support Israel if I favor ethic nationalism. There are four answers to this.

    1. Superficial similarities in political organization (ethnic nationalism) does not imply that you are friends. If this were true monarchies would have never gone to war with each other.

    2. Zionism is not actually ethnic nationalism but a global strategy that relies on the diaspora and complicit foreign states in order to exist at all.

    3. Israel's policy of enslaving and exterminating the native population and causing chaos in surrounding nations is unjust and disgusting.

    4. They are committed enemies of my people and I hope Hezbollah burns Tel Aviv to the ground.

    Free Palestine!

    1. UC, so you are saying that you are for open borders for Israel! :-)

      You know, I choke a bit when I get to number 4, although I understand why you say it. As to freeing Palestine, I agree... exceedingly.

      Which, for this reason and others, comes back to number 4.

      As I have written before, there are some hills that I won't climb...

    2. UC, I was about to write a post based on this rife conversation. I began to do so and realized that there is a contradiction in my reply.

      I must reconcile it or decide that I cannot reconcile it in a manner that I believe would be deemed a success - a success not just on my own personal value scale but for the people involved.

    3. Was the contraction in your reply above or in the draft of your article?

    4. My reply above. To free Palestine may very well require burning Tel Aviv to the ground. Hence, my contradiction in my reply.

      Yet...the total war that will be required to achieve this will leave no winners.

      And, rumor has it, the Sampson option will be put in play. Not good for anyone.

      Sometimes life leaves people with choices that suck...every single one of them.

    5. The Samson Option is a last ditch effort to destroy Israel's enemies in the face of defeat. Specifically it involves a nuclear attack on the countries of Europe in revenge for historical slights against Jews and for allowing Israel to fall.

      This shows the urgent need to remove nuclear weapons from Israel instead of talking about Iran all the time (and Iran doesn't have any nukes). It is going to take all of the worlds powers acting in concert to achieve a nuclear weapon free Israel, and the major obstacle to it is the US empire.

  2. It occurs to me that our people are going to be treated like the Palestinians in Israel/Palestine very soon now, and we will get about the same level of sympathy and understanding that the Palestinians get - close to zero.

    The interesting thing is that the same people that are kicking the Palestinians are also the ringleaders in kicking us.

    We have a lot to learn from Hezbollah because they have fought the mightiest force on earth (NOT the US government) and survived. Recall that Jesus Christ also fought this force and faced the same defamation machine, and won in his own way (and avenged himself in 70 AD and fulfilled his promise to leave no stone unturned in their false temple).