Saturday, August 12, 2017


I got somebody’s (or something’s) attention….

I had written the post, Thank You, Google, on Wednesday August 9th and placed it in queue at the blog to be published on the morning of August 10th.

Overnight – in the time between placing it in queue and the time it actually appeared on the blog, traffic at the site jumped to perhaps 20 – 25 times normal.  Then things calmed down…

…until last night.  I had Zero-hedge type traffic: perhaps 80 times what I would expect overnight.  The articles with the most views were older – most from 2015 & 2016.  The main things in common for these articles were a) the topics were mostly about open borders and immigration, and b) all had a high volume of comments – between around 60 – 100.  I suspect the latter point is the critical one.

Normally, the traffic to the site is about 70% from the US.  Overnight, France, Belgium, Philippines and Kuwait all had higher traffic numbers than did the US – each from slightly more up to eight times more, with France by far the most.

I have had bot attacks before – sporadic, over several months.  This was nothing like those. 


Normally Chrome (Google) is the browser used by visitors to the site about 40% of the time; overnight, it was 96%.

If it need be said, my blog is hosted by Google.

Maybe I violated a company policy?


  1. Interesting development!

    Friend, you may want to correct the spelling of 'queue' in your post (no need to post this, either).

  2. Curious indeed. I'm very interested in knowing more. Have you learned anything more about the traffic boost since Saturday, has any new information/speculation come to your attention?

    1. Nothing more. Other than one quite moderate spike yesterday afternoon, everything seems reasonably normal.