Saturday, July 8, 2017

True Colors

Gary North can’t let it go.  Despite my ignoring his earlier rant which came after a rather humble and unprompted apology, he has decided to continue his diatribe.  I read the first couple of paragraphs and skimmed the rest; nothing new.


  1. Some definitions I thought to look up...

    a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast.

    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    Straw Man:
    an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument.

    1) A novel by Voltaire (in which the protagonist shares his moniker with the title.)
    2) The Operetta of the same name, by Leonard Bernstein.
    3) *A naïve and innocent person.*

    Lost: (definition provided by gpond):
    The condition of being in which you find that you do not know where you are.

    1. Use it in a sentence: "I believe that Gary North is lost."

    2. After reading what happened in a church he was associated with in Tyler, you might be right in more ways than one

    3. This is a 'domain problem'.

      Dr. North is reacting to the wrong domain, as if a 'journalist' had written a false story and tried to pass it off as true.

      North doesn't understand the domain of the article. We don't come here to get 'the news.' He is lost because he does not know where he is. Thus my statement was not a gross insult, but rather a nuanced one.

    4. gpond, you must realize that to try to explain or apologize to Dr. North or any of his acolytes is futile.

      But I commend you for it; you are responsible only for your character, integrity, and ethics. How others react is a burden for them to carry.

    5. Ah, I have made myself misunderstood. I was just trying to flesh out the rather opaque post I made surrounding definitions.

      It is you who have tried to explain, I presume, and it is you who are to be commended. Sincerely.

      I'm pointing out that it is a little sad, and a bit 'funny' (or hilarious) that he has so mistaken the ground upon which he treads. And has done so with unshakable certainty. [a fault, in my estimation.]

      North is the one who is lost here. And doubling down.


    Is this man really 75 years old?

    If it was up to North he would probably have you stoned to death for making him look bad and then pen an eloquent justification based on something Rushdoony said- all behind a paywall.

    I would like to comment on something he said that is important to me personally:

    >Only because he had hidden behind his anonymous postings for years could he have pulled off such a hoax.

    First of all, BM is pseudonymous not anonymous. A pseudonymous writer can be taken to task by his readership the same as a public writer like North (who I doubt would respond to criticism with as much congeniality and thoroughness as BM). Second, BM's real name is not a secret. It is public information that he has offered up. So again, he is not "anonymous."

    For what its worth BM, your site is far more interesting than his, and cheaper too.

  3. I'm pretty surprised at Gary North's follow up reaction. Dr. North has had his own set of incorrect facts over the years, and I'm not aware of him acknowledging these when called out for them. This doesn't diminish the value of his wisdom, yet he'd insist on a different set of standards for BM. Dr North, as a Christian in the greater Liberty movement this may have been a good opportunity for him to show some forgiveness to someone that's made a similar "error". If there's anything to forgive, that is. It was pretty clear to me that BM's writing was a work of fiction used to discuss the Culture talking point.

    Culture and Libertarianism aside, I need to ask if there's something Christian about refusing a genuine apology from your fellow man.

    1. I find it interesting that these Reconstruction types want to transform society , yet from appearances, they have troubles among their own kind. I think someone described Gary North as having OPD, obnoxious personality disorder

    2. That story is horrific.

      North is a lot weirder than I thought.

    3. One heading: "neo-confederates."



    Hey BM, thought you should be aware of this.

    1. As we take note of others who have picked up on this, I offer the following:

  5. All this fuss seems like a big waste of time to me. No reason at all IMO to give GN any more attention than he's already received over this. If his business writings are any indication of his personal practices, the only reason he continues to write about this is an increase in hits on his site.

    Will be nice when BM can return to writing about history, culture, libertarian theory, etc. : )

    1. I hope he keeps attacking me. He deserves all of the attention he can get on this.

  6. This is truly pathetic.

    Jesus told some fictitious stories, such as that of the Good Samaritan. These kinds of stories are known as parables. Gary North is getting old. Can't admit to a mistake.

    I knew that BM's post was fiction in order to make a point, why didn't Gary North?

  7. From Gary North's latest diatribe.

    "Lew Rockwell may be kind and forgiving. Maybe he will still post this man's articles. I guarantee you, I never will"

    There is nothing to forgive, fool. If you don't understand something you ask for clarification, not start throwing stones.

  8. I have long enjoyed both Gary North's and the Mosquito's philosophical peregrinations. I am flabbergasted at Gary North's reaction. The Mosquito did absolutely nothing wrong.

  9. Since I believe this thing blew out of all proportions, here are some thoughts on the matter.

    Bionic mosquito described a make believe scenario where an unrealistically idealistic society is at odds with how deal with real world problems.

    I propose to call it henceforth utopia, a greek word for no place at all, perhaps, it will catch on.

    Well read Gary North noticed it, commented on it, as though the place was real, and when learned about the mischievous scheme, went to town. on it.

    This situation demands a full scale clickbait, there's so much here; mosquito is intellectually indebted to north and praises him whenever respect is due, mosquito is the brilliant newcomer on the libertarian blogging scene, jealousy, competition, shaming, sjw like denouncements, it's lovely.

    It's a pity that north's stuff on lewrockwell is always worth a read, the lesson here is to how to turn all the drama into more views on both'ya sites.

    Last note: North's attitude is very similar to Paul Gottfried's, both denouncing the trumpian revolution as irrelevant, and while north might be critical of dying msm, and gottfried proposes funding a libertarian tv news station as a recipe for winning the hearts and minds, they do seem out of touch at some issues.

    Perhaps there are insurmountable differences between the generations.

  10. I've read a lot of Gary North's stuff over the years including his Theonomy commentaries on the first... 5 or 6 books of the bible.
    He more than should be able to recognize a... parable.