Monday, July 17, 2017

Thank You

From an email, offered in the middle of the Gary North attack:

…as I have often thought, you can be proud of your commenters, and of the whole Bionic community you've created.

My reply:

The best group of commenters that I regularly read was at the Daily Bell in the first couple of years – seven or eight years ago – even better than the comments behind any paywall.

As Anthony Wile started flopping around both in the site's focus and its interaction with commenters, that changed for me.

I keep that early community in mind when I write and how I deal with comments. I don't want to lose that.

A few of you have been around since those days at The Daily Bell; those that were there would understand my sentiment about that site at that time.

I have mentioned before that one of the main reasons I write is that it forces me to think critically, to organize my thoughts in a manner that is reasonable and logical.  In other words, I write to better myself.

The reason I write publicly is to learn.  As those of you who have been around for more than a few months recognize, I have grown since the time bionic was born – at least I sure hope I have.  To the extent this is true, it is because of your feedback.  I truly enjoy and welcome the feedback, but only if I can keep the community that I hope to keep.

And I thank you all for your contributions and support during this journey.


  1. Some of the most rewarding arguments I've had have been on boards populated with crude and insulting members. There is something very rewarding about keeping one's cool and presenting reasoned arguments when under heavy fire. You can tell when you've won by the sudden increase in repetitive insults from multiple members.

    This is actually the first board I've participated on that remains both interesting and civil. It's a welcome change to what I've become accustomed to. But I do still like to pick the occasional fight on certain boards where there are strong personalities and few rules. If I ever forget where I'm at and go on the attack, do feel free to cut me off : )

  2. bm,

    I’m a long-time reader going back to The Daily Bell days. I enjoyed reading TDB back in the day, but after a while I found myself going there only to see if *you* had commented on an article and what it was that you had to say. Really. So even before your ‘growing’ (which I have witnessed) you were always a cut above. I found you to be the most reasonable commenter there, already a high water mark.

    I, too, have learned and grown and changed a good bit because of your thoughts and writing. I used to read your TDB comments because I found I agreed with you more than not. Today, I tend to comment only when I disagree with something you’ve written, or perhaps I don’t understand it. That may make me seem disagreeable to some that don’t understand. It is also why I don’t post very often. Otherwise, I would just be posting ‘Way to Go!’ on each and every post. I still try to do that occasionally. I always look forward to another post from you, and am thrilled when you are having particularly productive period.

    Group hug.

  3. I amend my previous comment. It is *not* only when I disagree that I post something to the comments. I also do so when the article or comments approach a topic that I am *most* interested in - a topic to which I have devoted considerable time, reading, and thought. A topic to which I have a passion.

    I do read the commenters here, and you are correct, bm. You have a thoughtful informed and disciplined community here! One to be proud of.

    1. gpond, as always, thank you. I know you read here much more than you write, yet your comments, when they are offered, always shed light.

  4. I was a frequent TDB visitor for a long time, especially when Wile and McElroy were posting regularly. The place has taken a decidedly different turn, sometimes into tinfoil territory, and I ended up banned for pointing that out to them.

    Glad you're still around and fighting. Keep it up.

  5. This is a very special place, a very special blog, and a very special host.

    Indeed, I feel privileged to have seen you grow over the years, BM! Thank you for everything you offer on these pages!

    All the best!


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  7. well, what the heck can I say? Gpond, Abu, and TomsRants have said it for me. Thanks from an old-timer for your great work, BM. More Silk Road, please!!!

    1. More Silk Road is coming, but some work and travel are getting in the way of that kind of writing for a time.

      And thank you, Mike.

  8. I miss those early days at the Daily Bell and all of the "friends" there. It is good to be able to come here and read, and know that in the midst of the insanity of today's news there are still quite a few of the sane left.
    I hope to have the opportunity to read your blog for many years to come. Bluebird