Sunday, February 26, 2017

We Have Begun a Revolution…

So says Angelo Codevilla in his interview at LRC.

I have referenced Codevilla once or twice in the past.  I find his thinking on the current situation regarding the open battle between what Trump represents on the one hand and the ruling class on the other to be the most compelling analysis that I have heard or read.

It is well worth the 25 minute investment to listen to the interview; many of you will listen more than once in any case. 

I offer one quote from Codevilla:

Hear me…you see the entire ruling class essentially rejecting the Constitution, the American way, rejecting the legitimacy of elections.  There can be no mild response to that, and there isn’t one.  Trump’s voters want certain results and they don’t particularly care how they get them.  The ruling class wants its power and doesn’t particularly care how it holds on to it.

1 comment:

  1. DJT was elected only because a part of the ruling class approved of that. The idea that DJT stands somehow virtually alone against everyone else is nonsensical. If it were a story told of another time and place, everyone would understand that it can only be fiction. One should take it seriously only if we have very detailed comprehensive evidence in its favour that would answwer the questions of means of Trump surviving and "winning", and motive for the opposition, since he's "business than usual." In addition, one hshould take in account that former CIA Director Michael Morell admits 'no evidence' of collusion between Trump and Russia, says Trump Dossier 'takes you nowhere', that former CIA Station Chief for Eastern Europe Scott Uehlinger who says “Trump is not there by himself. 30% of the agencies are going to be people" who are on his side, that former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Steve R. Pieczenik who says the same, that Rep. Devin Nunes says there is no evidence of DJT collusion with Russia, ....

    Codevilla is an armchair general.