Friday, February 24, 2017

Clinton Cooperates With Russia

It seems cooperating with Russia is only allowable when someone named Clinton does the cooperating:

“By the spring of his first year in office,” [Strobe] Talbott later recalled, “Clinton had become the U.S. government’s principal Russia hand, and so he remained for the duration of his presidency.”

“…the spring of his first year…” would be within a couple of months of taking office.

During the seven years both were in office, “Bill and Boris” met eighteen times, nearly as often as their predecessors had met throughout the entire Cold War. For his first trip abroad, Clinton met Yeltsin in Vancouver in April 1993.

Eighteen meetings?  This is how rumors start.

Well, one thing I am sure of: this was a one-way conversation; Clinton doing the demanding and Yeltsin doing the obeying.  There was no dialogue; they didn’t try to work out issues:

Where the two Governments differ, [Clinton] said, there could be dialogue without threat.

No there can’t!  You call this diplomacy?  Threats are what make the world go ‘round.  The US has to threaten Russia; Russia is the biggest security threat to US and international security.  Don’t you get it?

"We have proved that this is a good relationship, that it is worth the investment, and that we are approaching it in a proper way," [Clinton] said. "The people of the United States, the people of Russia and the people of the world are safer today than they were two years ago and than they were before this last meeting between us occurred."

Hillary, can you talk some sense into that husband of yours?

We need to find the adult in the room.  Let’s ask Yeltsin what he thinks:

I would say that emotions sometimes get the upper hand in assessing Russian-American partnership. This is not the approach that Bill and I have.

Bill, can you talk some sense into that wife of yours?


May 1997 - NATO-Russia Founding Act: Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin met at the Elysee Palace in Paris to sign the NATO-Russia Founding Act. In the Founding Act's preamble, NATO and Russia stated that they no longer considered each other as adversaries.

I guess this is true for only as long as Russia acquiesces to whatever NATO demands.


  1. And the US Government does not cross certain lines:
    1. Bomb Serbia - ok
    2. Attack Iraq (Twice) - ok
    3. Ferment Revolution in Egypt - ok
    4. Invade Afghanistan? Your on your own.
    5. Induce overthrow of government in Ukraine - Ok, BUT Russia gets the most strategic parts.
    5. Support overthrow of government in Syria - Not OK.

    The whole issue here is that Putin is not a push over and understands strategic value. I wish the US Government would do the same. It would save hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in property destruction.

  2. Great article..Thank you

    The fall of communism is BS anyway.
    We have been facilitating , and succoring them all

    Read Major Jordan's diary.Anthony Sutton's "Best enemy money can buy".

    Didn't Billy Bob Clinton spend a abnormal amount of time
    behind the curtain when at Oxford too?

    Owhyee Cowboy