Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How Donald Trump Can Win in a Landslide

I have worked with and for people like Donald Trump. 

You see, such people have minds that move very fast through mountains of information and are satisfied if they capture about the most relevant 20% of the key points that convey 80% of the story.  They then have no problem telling you how much they know about the subject, while messing up on the 80% of the points that tell only 20% of the story.

Their minds can move faster than their mouths at times; while delivering a message to an audience, they might forget about the specific angle that should be taken with that audience – not that the message is different, but that different points need be emphasized or minimized.

They will move to tangential subjects if asked – even if not as prepared on these; they do this for all of the aforementioned reasons, plus they believe they are the smartest person in the room.

Such people can be great successes at business – the most successful people focus on the 20% that give 80% of the value; handling the rest is why they hire others.

My advice to such people is always: stay on point.  If Trump sticks to the following points, he will win the election and win it in a landslide.  In each case, Trump’s message – when he stays on point – resonates with many Americans. 

War and Foreign Intervention

Trump has the perfect candidate to run against on this issue, as he not only has Hillary’s record to attack but also Bill’s.  Bill began the road of expanding NATO and closing in on Russia; Bill used NATO as an offensive force in Yugoslavia.  Hillary, meanwhile, has yet to meet an intervention she didn’t like.

Press Hillary on Russia; press her on where her road leads; paint the picture of the folly of placing the safety of the United States at the whim of or in defense of Turkey or some Baltic country. 

Do not back off; do not give half-hearted answers: even if Latvia pays its share, are the people of the United States ready to risk a ground war or even nuclear war in defense of Riga?  Is there any reason on earth for the United States to risk nuclear war over Crimea or Donbass?

An unequivocal “NO” in answer to such questions will gain and keep many votes – including from many democrats and independents.

Trade Deals

Plenty of voters and previously non-voters are sick of these.  They see them for what they are: impossibly complicated treaties that ensure only the largest and most connected companies can sell and compete overseas while in exchange allowing for the import of foreign goods in a favored manner for the benefit of those same largest and most connected companies.

Bailing out Wall Street

Come out strongly against the actions of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, especially during 2007 – 2009 but also continuing.  Hit on the point that these have maintained and improved the wealth of the 1% while doing nothing for or even destroying the wealth and livelihoods of the 99%.

This is obvious to the 99% - they just want to hear someone pound on the message and state clearly how he will act differently.

Hillary & Bill Corruption

Talk about a target rich environment!  I need not expand.


In each case, Trump can paint a picture diametrically opposite to where Hillary stands.  In each case, this picture is attractive to a majority of likely and potential voters.

Donald – just stay on point.


  1. Donald can't control his ego, hence he cannot stay on point. His handlers can't control him. Too bad.

  2. Hey Bionic, I know this is a bit off topic, but in the wake of the anniversaries of the infamous atomic bombings, there is a trope being passed around claiming that the people of Hiroshima & Nagasaki were warned of their impending annihilation, specifically through leafleting. Is this true? This link suggests it isn't: http://blog.nuclearsecrecy.com/2013/04/26/a-day-too-late/
    Thank you - James Waldrop

    1. Regarding the MGM propaganda film, “The Beginning or the End,” Gar Alperovitz writes:

      “Two other inaccuracies which survived into the final film which Groves also did not find objectionable were: a portrayal of planes dropping leaflets on Hiroshima warning of atomic attack…Harrison Brown called this the ‘most horrible fabrication of history….’”

      The second was that death by radiation was relatively painless…

      Page 601, The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb

    2. even if it were true and it isn't consider this- no one knew the devastation a nuclear explosion would cause- maybe the American scientists but no one else - it was just another bomb... what is sick about the entire event is that Japan was ready to surrender well before the bomb was dropped. That is a fact with the only condition is that they got to keep their emperor in power. The USA used that to deny surrender, dropped 2 bombs (test case!) and after Japan surrendered they got to keep their emperor... pretty disgusting stuff...

  3. When Trump walks into the room, everyone thinks he's the smartest person in the room, except for the person who really is the smartest person in the room. He/she (the smartest person) is actually Trump's employee..

  4. Trump is borderline retarded. This may be the stupidest blog post ever.

    1. If America had a lot more borderline retards such as Trump, we would be a fabulously wealthy nation with all men having beautiful wives.

    2. Never been to this blog before but your comment deserves the response I give to those who come to mine and leave such useless comments. "Thank you for your brilliant contribution to the discussion. It is obvious you have done your homework and are up for a lively INTELLIGENT conversation on this topic. NOT!"

    3. Your comment is rather ignorant.