Sunday, August 7, 2016

God Only Knows….

…what happened in Turkey regarding the coup.

I continue to read and listen to reports and interviews on the matter of the attempted coup in Turkey.  I still find the background story unclear; I find it difficult to believe or even listen to those who come out with definitive statements on the matter.

Much of what is known or suspected can support different narratives: the same “facts” can point to a CIA directed coup just as easily as point to an Erdogan-staged event.  Those who conclude definitively on one side or the other based on these facts are only guessing – but you would never know it from their tone.

I offer the following Sickening Questions that remain unanswered, as one small example of why certainty (or even confidence) regarding the narrative is impossible at this point; this is written by a Turkish journalist at what one might describe as an opposition outlet:

…can anyone answer why the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), police intelligence, the military and the police did not act from 3 p.m. - when a captain told the intelligence agency that night there would be a coup and he was ordered to be the pilot to bombard the MİT headquarters – and the time the coup got underway later the same evening?

Or, could anyone say why even though he was informed about the developments at 4 p.m. Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar issued some incompetent orders, made a tour of the Land Forces Command premises, had a coffee there, later spoke briefly with the intelligence chief (at around 6 p.m.) but did not inform force commanders, the prime minister or the president?

Why did the top commander continue to stay in his office despite knowing something odd was developing?

How were force commanders “caged” by the rebels?  What of Erdogan’s numerous contradictory statements?  How did the president’s plane escape all surveillance by the rebels?

Nor was there adequate and satisfactory information regarding the miraculous landing of the presidential plane at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. If the rebels and the loyal police officers were all using the same wireless system and other communication networks, how could all people – including airport police, firefighters and such – know of the landing of the president’s plane but luckily the rebels not figure out?

Why did Erdogan not remove the nation’s top spy after what some consider to be a fatal flaw of Turkish intelligence?  We consider the same question regarding 911 and come to a certain conclusion – why not here?

There are too many open questions; what we do know (or believe we know) about the events can reasonably support more than one narrative.

God Only Knows, and He ain’t Talking….

Of course, it isn’t only God that knows.  However, those who know aren’t talking.

And those who are talking don’t know.

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