Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nerds Like Me

From The Dan Patrick Show, and an interview with Geddy Lee from RUSH:

“If RUSH were doing their final show, and you absolutely knew it was your final show, what would be the last song you played if it was your choice?”

“Working Man.”

RUSH recently completed their R40 tour – forty years of this trio playing together.  The last song?  Working Man.  There are other hints floating around that the band is done touring, although they may have one more studio album in them.

Regular readers know my affinity for RUSH.  While my history with the band doesn’t extend 40 years, it does cover pretty much all of my adult and adolescent life.  I cannot say I was the most die-hard fan – there were many who would see them numerous times on every tour.  I saw them numerous times over the course of my life.

Most pleasantly, I saw them on the tour prior to this one – the Clockwork Angels tour.  I am very happy I did, as I believe that the Clockwork Angels album is their best one of all; that says something for a band that has put out 20 studio albums.

RUSH introduced me to libertarianism.  Most specifically, from their album 2112, “dedicated to the genius of Ayn Rand,” I found her book Anthem (instead of a lightbulb, the band’s hero finds a guitar).  The rest is…the rest.

When I walk around Toronto (the band’s hometown), I feel I am walking on hallowed ground.  I will guess that I could probably write 100 posts based on the lyrics from 100 different RUSH songs.  But that isn’t for me…today. 

Today is about the likelihood that they are done touring. 

From the introduction from another interview, “still down with the nerds”:

[RUSH] has recorded more consecutive gold and platinum albums than any other group besides The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Down with the nerds?  Count me in.


  1. Yep, count me in too

  2. I can pretty much guarantee you'll enjoy an article I wrote called Freewill: You Never Forget Your First Love -


  3. Return to Forever (Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, and Al Di Meola)

  4. Perhaps I'm a curmudgeon,but when Peart haughtily declared that collective health care was so obvious, and that the only alternative was to vote Democrat, I suddenly had little desire to listen to Cygnus X-1 for another time. My digging the lyrics to Tom Sawyer would never be the same.

  5. Me too that is, Neil Peart got me into reading the Fountainhead as well as Anthem. I've heard Stefan Molyneux say the same thing. I've seen Judge Napolitano(I think he's too old to be a Rush fan) write an article about The Trees too.

  6. Ever since I that snowy owl album cover caught my eye in the record store sophomore year of high school.

    1. The first Three were the best. Were they not??

  7. Have you seen the Trailer Park Boys episode where Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson?